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In the last five years, the Department of Public Safety has seen a constant rise and fall in reported crimes. There’s been fluctuation from 2010… Read more »



Comstock Avenue is crime central on campus for the Department of Public Safety. In the last five years, there have been 496 reported incidents along… Read more »



In the last five years, the Schine Student Center has been the scene of 100 thefts. But it’s rarely thefts from a student’s personal belongings.… Read more »


Business as usual: While some students believe police are cracking down on parties, numbers show a consistent trend

In recent weeks, the campus has been in an uproar over an alleged crackdown on parties at Syracuse University. Students believe that because police officers are focused on shutting down parties, it’s taking away from resources for protecting students. But statistics and interviews with the Department of Public Safety and the city police are telling a different story. Read more »