Crime Map

When & Where

Data from DPS’s crime logs show trends from 2010–14


The Daily Orange Crime Map is a data visualization created with the Department of Public Safety’s crime logs from the last five years. The logs include DPS’s interactions with students on alcohol violations, drug violations, party busts, thefts – a combination of both larcenies and robberies – and burglaries, along with where these crimes occurred.

This project is separated into three stories based on the crimes by buildings, crimes by streets and crimes by months and years. Using the statistics publicly available on, The Daily Orange was able to determine which buildings and streets near Syracuse University had the most crimes from 2010 to 2014.

The data also showed the shift in crime trends during the last five years, as well as which months crimes are most likely to happen in.

The following maps and charts feature interactive components to better illustrate these trends.