Remembrance Week 2014

From the shadows

This year, the Remembrance Scholars created silhouettes of the 35 SU students who died in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing and placed them throughout campus in locations where the victims would have most likely hung out. Read more »

Remembrance Week 2014

Coming full circle

When John Tummino arrived at the first meeting for this year’s Remembrance Scholars in August, he brought a Notre Dame hat that he got from his third-cousin, Wendy Giebler-Sefcik. But, it was not just any hat. Read more »

Remembrance Week 2014

Shaping grief

Suse Lowenstein started Dark Elegy a month after the bombing killed her son, Alex Lowenstein, a 21-year-old SU student. Dark Elegy was a way for Lowenstein to work through her grief. Read more »