5 national news stories you should read about

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President Donald Trump recently met with the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to discuss various topics including the possible Russian meddling in the United States presidential election.

From President Donald Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to a television shopping merger, here are some important national news stories to catch up on from the past week.

1. G-20 Summit — down to the nitty gritty

Hamburg, Germany, has been the site of several protests over the past weekend as G-20 leaders convened to discuss several important world issues. Anti-globalization activists took to the streets outside of the summit, some lighting fires and engaging in standoffs with police. One of the discussions that stirred up the most controversy was the sit-down between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that lasted more than two hours. According to the New York Times, Trump raised questions about Russia meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, which Putin denied. The conversation shifted to an agreement reached between Russia and the U.S. of a ceasefire deal for southwestern Syria.

2. Betsy DeVos gets schooled

Last Thursday, a lawsuit was filed by the attorney generals of 18 states against the United States Department of Education and Secretary Betsy DeVos. The lawsuit came as a result of the Department of Education announcing that it would be halting the progression of a new system that would erase student loan debt for individuals who have been taken advantage of by for-profit colleges. The system was set to take effect on July 1, but this delay has led some to believe that DeVos’ motives could be a result of her support of for-profit schools. DeVos remains firm on her stance, though. According to a press statement released by the Department of Education, DeVos claims this system is a “a muddled process that’s unfair to students and schools.”

3. It’s raining jobs

According to CNN, the United States economy gained an additional 222,000 jobs in June, a higher outcome than economists had predicted. Reports showed increased employment opportunities in the healthcare field, mining, business services and restaurants. While the unemployment rate increased slightly, economists are chalking this up to an increase in individuals who are reentering the workforce and searching for jobs again. Wages increased by 2.5 percent, but remain below the 3.5 percent goal set by the Federal Reserve. Economists say this increase in job gains are a sign of a strong labor market.

4. Delta Airlines altercation

According to USA Today, a Delta Airlines flight flying from Seattle to Beijing had to return to Seattle after a passenger on board attacked a flight attendant less than an hour into the flight. The flight attendant was then transported to a hospital in Seattle to be treated for their injuries. The passenger was handcuffed, zip tied and escorted off the plane in a wheelchair. In a statement released by Delta Airlines, “The passenger was restrained onboard and was removed from the flight by law enforcement without further incident when the aircraft arrived back in Seattle.”

5. Teamwork makes the dream work

Two of the most notable television shopping networks will merge into one in a $2.1 billion deal. According to the Boston Globe, QVC announced Thursday it would merge with the Home Shopping Network, a result of weakened sales for both networks who were once longtime rivals. Both companies focus on catering to the same market by selling electronics, jewelry, fashion products on television, online and through certain retail stores. The merger is expected to benefit both companies by increasing overall sales and decreasing competition.


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