Construction update: Campus projects continue to progress well despite rainy weather

Kiran Ramsey | Senior Design Editor

Significant projects include residence hall renovations, Hall of Languages classroom refurbishments and Crouse College masonry repairs.

Despite the rainy weather, Syracuse University campus construction projects that include residence hall renovations and utility work are progressing well, the university announced Wednesday.

Pete Sala, vice president and chief facilities officer, said in a campus-wide email the utility work on Waverly Avenue is proceeding on schedule. Renovations to Day, Haven and DellPlain halls — which include bathroom refurbishments — are also progressing well.

Fourth of July weekend marks the midway point for the summer construction season, Sala said.

In addition to the residence hall and Waverly Avenue construction, Sala said the most significant projects include:

  • Center for Science and Technology roof replacement: work to replace the roof has begun and is scheduled to be completed in August
  • Hall of Languages classroom renovations: room finishes and technology in six classrooms on the first and second floors of the east side of the building will be updated this summer
  • Link Hall and Center for Science and Technology classroom improvements: new technology and furnishings will be installed in three new flexible, active learning classrooms
  • Hendricks Chapel steps replacement: the deteriorated limestone steps will be removed and replaced with more durable granite stair treads, a project scheduled to be completed the first week of September
  • Watson Hall Theater improvements: finishes that include seating, carpet and window treatments will be replaced
  • Crouse College masonry and skylight repairs: skylights above the band room will be replaced and the masonry facade will be restored



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