6 underrated TV shows to indulge in this summer

Summer is a rip in the fabric of time at college. While some brave a taste of adulthood with internships, others try to fend off the boredom. There’s no better way to watch hours tick by than indulging in much needed TV time.

Fortunately, the world has blessed society with some exciting gems, old and new. Many of these promised delights are still a distant dream — “Game of Thrones” is a month away from premiering. Instead, try out these six overlooked shows, currently on air, or available on your favorite streaming websites.

“House of Cards”

The exploits of Frank and Claire Underwood continue as season five of “House of Cards” premieres on Netflix. Not only is the power couple more menacing this time around, they’re drawing inspiration from, unfortunately, real life political events — no explanation needed. To escape the currently unbearable political climate, “House of Cards” is the perfect alternative to imagine how life could’ve been in a parallel universe. Or maybe not.

Be ready for plot twists and momentous turns because the new season will keep you on your toes — every controversy and mystery follow the Underwoods like a fly is to a pot of honey. As Frank Underwood once said, “After all, we are nothing more or less than what we chose to reveal.”

Unbreakable “Kimmy Schmidt”

If you haven’t been outside this summer yet, look no further than “Kimmy Schmidt” — a literal ray of sunshine. She’s back for another season and a major life change. As Kimmy explores the path to true adulthood, we are treated with the same old shenanigans the characters attract.

This Netflix masterpiece has never disappointed and it will continue to make you worship Tina Fey’s genius, as season three gives us a further glimpse into the personal battles of each character. While the plot may seem grim, it is far from it with wonderful new jokes you will probably hear all summer. Plus, the magnificence of Titus is enough to get anyone hooked on this show, because this season gave us something greater than “Pinot Noir.”

Three words: Titus. Does. “Lemonade.”

“Silicon Valley”

“Silicon Valley” was HBO’s answer to those who asked for a smart comedy. And the return of season four is smart comedy at its best. Currently available on HBO, “Silicon Valley” is like the IT guy that moonlights as a stand-up comedian. The Pied Piper team is divided as they explore the immense possibilities of the tech world, also while navigating the various contours of real-world relationships. As competition grows, so does the eccentricity of the group dynamic. Watch as Richard, Dinesh, Jared, Gilfoyle and the others charge at the chance of a bull seeing red.

“American Gods”

Amazon’s most anticipated show of 2017 did not disappoint as it premiered on the streaming website in April. Bridging the gap between old and urban legends, “American Gods” is a treat for fans of mythology. If you loved Rick Riordan books, this is about to be your new favorite show.

This show is a visual rendition of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, and has largely remained true to the story. Another incredible aspect of the show is its cast. Much like the plot itself, it brings together a plethora of talent. With industry veterans like Emily Browning, Crispin Glover and a recurring role from Gillian Anderson, “American Gods” has impressed even the most stringent of TV audiences.


Judd Apatow may have some hits and misses in the world of films, but he is slowly starting to establish a good reputation with TV shows. Apatow gave Netflix “Love”, which was a big success, and now he continues to spread his talent with Pete Holmes’ “Crashing” on HBO.

A semi-biographical view of Holmes’ life, the show revolves around a slightly fictionalized version of Holmes himself. The show is like a motivational speech and a life lesson rolled into one, for every undiscovered or self-proclaimed stand-up comedian out there. “Crashing” is a hilarious take on the ever-hungry under-belly of the comedy world.

“Z: The Beginning of Everything”

As the ongoing battle for TV supremacy continues, Amazon brings us another interesting banger. If the name F. Scott Fitzgerald seems vaguely familiar, or if you’re still recovering from the disaster of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Great Gatsby,” this show is the relief you need.

The show is based on a slightly fictionalized life of New York socialite Zelda Fitzgerald in the 1920s, who also happens to be the wife of F. Scott. “Z” explores the life of Zelda before her husband’s success and their disastrous lifestyle of alcohol and partying — which would eventually be the inspiration for F. Scott’s most successful novel.

If you are in need of some costume inspiration for the upcoming semester, this is the show for you. But beware, the show proves the 1920s were not as glamorous as they seem.


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