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This student spiced up his dating game with a dating resume

Courtesy of Joe Adams

Joe Adams created a dating resume after a girl, who rejected him, asked for one. He's since received hundreds of messages and a lot of publicity for what was a joke.

A Michigan State University student recently upped the dating game with his now-famous dating resume.

Joe Adams, a chemical engineering student at Michigan State University, said in an email that he was prompted to create the resume after a girl rejected him at the beginning of the semester. Since then, he’s received hundreds of messages and a lot of publicity.

Adams said the girl asked if he had a “dating resume” that she could look at, but he didn’t at the time.

“Obviously this was her way to avoid just saying ‘no’ and instead playing it off as a joke,” he said. “Nobody appreciates that, by the way — be upfront.”

He thought if this ever happened again, he would want to be prepared, Adams said. He went home, put two or three hours into making his resume and then was ready to go.

Adams said he posted the whole “fiasco” on Instagram, along with a picture of the resume so his friends could know about it and they all shared a laugh.

But he later commented with a photo of the resume on another student’s Facebook post requesting a date for a formal, and it quickly circulated on Twitter, he said.

He said after a few hundred retweets and a few thousand favorites he was contacted by BuzzFeed. Since then, Adams has received numerous media requests, even from Cosmopolitan and Good Morning America.

He also said he just wanted the resume to be light and funny and the point of this was to make a joke out of getting rejected.

“I decided to include things that were integral to my character, like that I drive a modest but respectable 2009 Honda Civic and I make great small talk with parents,” he said. “These are for sure my strong points, and I wanted people to know that.”

He said he’s received hundreds of messages since the post went viral.

“Texts, tweets, Instagram messages … I hope people aren’t offended when I don’t reply… It’s just a lot to handle right now, and I’ve had a huge influx of messages lately. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten any handwritten letters yet — that honestly would be the best way to grab my attention,” he said.

Adams said going viral has been overwhelming and his phone had been ringing nonstop since Saturday when the BuzzFeed article was posted, from both people wanting to interview him and from girls.

“Being the resume guy on campus has been fun, though. I haven’t been approached by any strangers, so it’s probably a good thing that my picture with the llama wasn’t any bigger,” he said.


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