Letters to the Editor

Chancellor Kent Syverud responds to Daily Orange reporting on Trump executive order

I attended Wednesday’s (March 8) Graduate Student Organization Senate meeting. I was impressed with the dedicated and engaged group of graduate students, who discussed a number of important issues and topics. I updated the Senate members on current University initiatives and answered questions. This meeting is described in a story that appears in (the March 9 issue of) The Daily Orange.

The Daily Orange inaccurately reported that I have determined the Administration’s March 6 Executive Order is “unconstitutional” and “illegal.” I have not. Rather, in response to a question regarding travel restrictions I stated that, “Congress has made clear that blanket decision-making based on national origin is unconstitutional” and is “illegal.” The distinction is important. Whether these new restrictions are “unconstitutional” or “illegal” will be decided by the courts. My point is and remains that this university cannot abide by any law that is found to “discriminate against, or makes a preference for, one person over the other based on religion, national origin or other inherent characteristics.”

This university remains committed to supporting our international students in every way.


Chancellor Kent Syverud 


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