Syracuse to use ‘3 starters’ at cornerback

Brandon Reddish and Ri’Shard Anderson are both listed as starters at cornerback opposite Keon Lyn, but it’s not a traditional position battle. Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer said they’re “three starters” for two spots.

“You never want to go into a game and play two corners the whole game,” Shafer said. “We didn’t last year. It’ll be in a rotation. They’ll all play. One guy will get the nod as the starter, but the next guy may play the same amount of plays or more depending on how each series works itself out.”

Shafer likes to have 16-18 guys capable of playing on the defensive side of the ball, and he has three quality starters plus a quality fourth cornerback in Julian Whigham, who Shafer said could find a spot in that rotation or other, smaller roles.

The same philosophy is why both Wayne Morgan and Darius Kelly are listed on the second team at free safety. Some guys are better against the run, others are better in nickel and dime situations. There will be a role for both of them.

“We try to find smaller roles for each guy, so they can have a real streamlined, targeted approach to the game plan and what their role will be in the game,” Shafer said. “The good news is that we’ve had great competition, not just with the two of them in the secondary, but the whole group.”

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