Sleeping around: the best places on campus to grab a nap

Naps are important in terms of surviving your time in college, but there simply isn’t enough time in the day to make it back to bed between big projects, exams and pop quizzes. So sometimes, it’s necessary to just set up camp within academic building perimeters. While not every building has designated napping spots, you’d be surprised how many have some prime sleeping options.


E.S. Bird Library

The library is, at its essence, a place for pulling all-nighters. The stacks of books are really just a backdrop for spending 24 hours stressing out about your next final, and needing a place other than your room or apartment to do so. The first floor of Bird is equipped with some delectable loveseats and chairs that are ripe for napping. The lighting is a little bright and not quite ideal for naps, but if you throw your textbook over your eyes, you should be just fine. And, depending on what textbook it is, just trying to read a page or two might be enough to put you into a deep, deep sleep.


Panasci Lounge

It does not seem plausible that there is any other purpose for the Panasci Lounge other than for students to nap. It has the quiet atmosphere of a library or computer lab, without the books or computers. Couches and cozy chairs are everywhere, with soft lighting perfect for a snooze in between — or, let’s be honest, during — classes. There is literally no other practical application for such a room. Don’t let this sleepy oasis go to waste. Bring a book, an Advil PM and your Syracuse Snuggie and take the best nap possible on Main Campus.


Warehouse Lobby

Design students are sitting pretty on one of SU’s best-kept napping secrets: the Warehouse. Unfortunately, if you’re not a design student, maneuvering through this building is like navigating Fort Knox. If you aren’t in a design program, your SU ID will not swipe you into the elevator or any of the individual floors, so suck up to your creative friends in Warehouse programs to help you out. Yet, while many of the couches on the building’s various floors are comfortable and provide some prime napping opportunities, the lime-colored couches in the main lobby are, quite possibly, even better. Their low center of gravity will make you sink right in, so set an alarm.


Life Sciences Atrium

What makes the Life Sciences Atrium such a great napping spot is its location. The huge building is centrally located among off-campus apartments, several residence halls and every other building on Main Campus. It is also close to the College Place bus stop. Its locale makes it an easy travel spot for anyone who has been made weary by the stress of a day on campus, but doesn’t quite have enough time to make it home for a bed nap. Inside, it’s a little busy, making it sometimes difficult to turn off the world around you, but the couches are among the most comfortable on campus.


Slocum Marble Room

It is a widely accepted rule that freshman architecture students don’t sleep. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that their mother ship, Slocum Hall, comes equipped with a great snooze spot. It’s also awesome that it’s called the Marble Room. You can attempt to validate the somewhat-grim fact of blatantly sleeping in public — a clear indication your life is in absolute shambles — with the notion that you’re doing it in a relatively classy room. The chairs are comfortable, the lighting is generally dim and you’re likely going to be surrounded by people just as exhausted as you are. Fetch your diamonds from the vault and head on over to the Marble Room for some very posh public sleeping.


Shaw dining — Kosher room

Dining halls may not seem like the most obvious place to catch up on sleep. Shaw Dining Hall is generally among the quietest of the SU dining halls, making it the best location to take a food-induced nap. Pile your tray high with food — preferably some heavy in tryptophan — and bring it to the back room, equipped with some very comfortable booths and couches. If you time it just right, you can time your sleep period so that when you wake up, you’re hungry enough for your next meal and can snag it without having to sign back in.


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