From bad to worse: Mob drama ‘Red Widow’ becomes latest disappointment for ABC

ABC seems to be having a hard time with its new shows. “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” “Body of Proof,” “Zero Hour” (called it!), “Happy Endings,” “666 Park Avenue,” “Malibu Country” and “Last Resort” are either certain or likely to be canceled by May.

Now add to the list ABC’s brand-new mob show, “Red Widow.”

The show has it all — stay-at-home moms turned drug-pushers, a Russian mob family, impromptu shootings and more. So why is it that the new show received premiere ratings that equaled those of “Zero Hour”?

“Red Widow” is a suspenseful mob-drama that follows the life of California housewife Marta Walraven. Marta is forced into an immediate transformation after she has no choice but to take over her recently murdered husband’s drug trafficking business.

The past four episodes focus on Marta’s struggle to balance her duties as a mom with managing the business. Within the course of a few weeks, Marta has begun to understand what being “in the game” truly means, especially when she witnesses her employee’s shooting.

Various critics argue that while “Red Widow” is good in theory — it has family drama on top of all of the mob drama — in reality, it has too much going on. The show threw a lot of information at us all at once and without much warning.

Within the pilot, we learn Marta’s husband, Evan, is involved in the drug dealing business, the entire family is involved with the Russian mob and Evan is in serious trouble after his partner stole cocaine from his biggest rival, Nicolae Schiller.

In addition, Evan’s murder – which might have been the most suspenseful part of the pilot – was done so quickly, viewers barely had time to register what happened.

Los Angeles Times television critic Mary McNamara argues the show tries too hard to balance Marta’s innocence with the fact that being in the mob is in her blood. Viewers are having a hard time sympathizing with Marta because she is not yet having much trouble adjusting to the life of a mobster.

Perhaps if there was more dialogue centering on Marta’s hesitancy to be a part of the drug circle, we would become more invested in Marta’s cause, and care enough to traverse this journey with her.

Hey, not all mob shows have the same potential as “The Sopranos,” but why not give it a chance? Save this show from getting the ax and check it out.

  • My wife and I love this show plz don’t cancel

  • susieromero36

    Wth??? Give this show a chance. Im still shocked zero hr got cancelled. Please save this show

  • I hated that Zero Hour got cancelled but after watching Red Widow the first several episodes I have to say that I have not missed it these past two weeks. I’ll be perfectly fine if ABC drops it; Zero Hour was much better.

  • I love it too..seems ABC doesn’t give anything a chance.

  • someonewhocares

    wow this is horrible this show kept san francisco thrilling.

  • Jenn Ward

    Keep the show!! I loved 666 Park Avenue and Zero Hour. I’m so disappointed that these shows are getting canceled so early on. Please don’t cancel Red Widow!!

  • Did they cancel red widow


  • Luls Murray

    Keep the show on evrryone we know love it!,,

  • Dwana Davis

    Love Red Widow – just recommended to my Mom who loves drama. Marta’s story has so much potential with her devious brother and conflicted relationship with Dad heating up with her son about to join the brotherhood. I’d really like to see the evolution of her struggle being in the middle of Nicolae and Alexander while balancing her tender suburbanized children.

  • hemi villr

    I hope so

  • Ridiculously stupid show. Really? Marta insists that her husband get out of the “family business” or she will leave him, then after he is murdered we are expected to buy this transformation of her from soccer mom to mob boss. Guess Evan died in vain. To watch this show you have to turn off your brain and root for the criminal.

  • Naomi Yisrael

    Red Widow is the only show I watch on ABC. If this show gets cancelled I am done with this station. I do not understand everyone I know tunes in. ABC must have a new team that does not have a clue regarding what shows to keep. Just when the viewers get involved they cancel the show. C’mon guys don’t let me down!

  • ashley

    Man I watched don’t trust the b…happy endings…mailbu country….body of proof…and red widow loved them all I will be sad if they cancel any of them

  • Terry

    I really like Red Widow. I also like Body of Proof. I LOVED GCB and really liked 666 Park Avenue too. I almost don’t want to give any new shows a try any more–if you like it and start to get involved, the network pulls the plug and you’ve wasted your time on a show that does nowhere.

  • Kristy Kelly

    I TOTALLY agree! I love Red Widow & TOTALLY LOVED 666 Park. I hate how they didnt even bother to take ONE episode and give us an ending…now Im imagining endings. And Red Widow..Great, compared to other crap thats on. They dont even give shows a chance anymore. Check out Bates Motel. It rocks!

  • Kristy Kelly

    I loved 666 too. If u liked that, check out Bates Motel.

  • Kristy Kelly

    I TOTALLY agree! I love Red Widow & TOTALLY LOVED 666 Park. I hate how they didnt even bother to take ONE episode and give us an ending…now Im imagining endings. And Red Widow..Great, compared to other crap thats on. They dont even give shows a chance anymore. Check out Bates Motel. It rocks!

  • Keep Red Widow… ABC has so many shows that could be cancelled b4 this. They need to move it to another time slot and make it work. The other thing ABC doesnt understand is the fact they put reruns for weeks upon weeks on all their shows. We watched them faithfully but never know now when a new show is coming on.

  • martina

    She was born into a mob family, almost everybody she knows is a mobster, so was her husband. When he was killed, she couldn’t just leave, they were everywhere, threatening her for that theft she knew nothing about. All she wanted was to break even with that guy played by Goran Visnjic, that’s why she agreed to “work for him”. So, her transformation isn’t all that illogical nor is it completely a transformation, given her surroundings.

  • martina

    All in all, it is a nice good show. I like to watch it during my coffee break and am completely taken aback by the bad critiques it has been getting. Utterly undeserved.

  • Matthew Maki

    I really like this show along with Zero Hour but the they killed Zero hour without giving me some sort of ending to the show. I do not understand why they kill shows like Jericho, Zero Hour , Stargate Universe and many more with so much promise in what they can do with it. they are just tailoring to the mindless masses with no idea of a great show that is not one of these fake lame ass repeating shows like survivor or amazing race or that god awful show honey boo boo or some crap like that. I am so sick of tv network shoving that crap into peoples faces and telling them that it is great television if anyone agrees with me let people know and we can try and get some of the great shows back on the air some of these shows would be –

    Terra Nova ,Alcatraz ,Alphas ,Blue Mountain State, Breakout Kings ,Camelot, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Cult ,Human Target ,Jericho, Last Resort ,Legend of the Seeker, Leverage , Memphis Beat ,Off the Map , Stargate Universe , The River , The Secret Circle , V, Zero Hour. All of these shows i have mentioned had great stories and

    potential to be great television shows if they would have been aloud to continue with more episodes.But again as i said we are made to watch reality tv show crap so i say to everyone with imagination and half a brain make a stand and put a end to the mindless drivel we are force to watch because some faceless corporation does not get the ratings that it wants out of the first 3 episodes. thank you for listening to my rant and hope some of what i said sinks in and we fight to get our night time tv watch back to good television not crap!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Elliott

    I loved Zero Hour and I looovvveee Red Widow!!! It surprises me that shows like these get canceled but dancing with the stars, splash, and a few others are doing soo well… its almost like if its not a reality show with the popular celebrities then it won’t do good and its really sad. Why care so much about their lives they don’t give two s!+$’s about your!!!

  • I agree with you…I do not know who monitors what is being viewed but reality shows suck…These dramas have so many avenues to expand upon to keep them interesting…I am older than your 18 – 49 demographic but I am addicted to TV…I am influuenced by commercials and your sponsors keep your networks in business. I guess. It will be cable and Netflix then.You silly network executives….

  • Michele

    I love this show.

  • Marisa Kravarik

    Threw too much at us too fast? What an insult! I had no problem following this show. Stop dumbing down your viewers!

  • I loved that show I was just getting into it

  • red widow fan

    Every time something good comes abc cancel . If abc do cancel red i will be leaving abc for good! Cbs shows are getting better. Maybe they will pick up red widow.

  • I Love Red Widow ..when is the next episode

  • me

    Really! Stong female lead that is not scantily clad or dumb…. yeah I guess you have a hard time enjoying the show. Housewife who has to now support family and use her strenth in ways that are questionable and maintain dignity while being a bit excited to know how to play the game while recovering from a terrible loss. I bet gloria would hate this show too…. that was sarcasm. Xoxo. Meb.

  • yourdeadmeat69

    This is an easy pick up by cable, or hulu or Netflix. Not too costly, and given the time to develop.

    I say go for it.

  • Harold McFadden

    I hop[e not, I like this show.

  • Nancy B

    Please keep this show on. I’m literally in suspense every time I watch. Also love Once Upon a Time and Revenge!

  • It is a transformation for her. Even though she did grow up in that lifestyle she was never in it. Her father was. Even with her husband being in it she never took part in it. She only knows from what she saw growing up.when she has this new role after her husband dies, she does have help but ultimately she has to learn how it is to really be in “The game” on her own not watch from the sidelines like she did her whole life. That’s the transformation a lot of people are talking about.

  • solange82200

    How can people like Zero Hour? That show has horrific. Red Widow is good, but Zero Hour, that was the quickest Ive seen a show cancelled, and deservedly I may add…

  • gis

    I have never seen worst acting then in this show, specially the kids and Marta, and you can just tell they are trying way too hard to cram too many things into the show. Sucks, it could have been a good show.

  • John Halajko

    Loved both Zero Hour & Red Widow…at least they had plots, characters…made you think a little??? But if it’s not “MINDLESS” Reality TV geared towards kids with no attention span…they get cancelled??? ABC must be run by a 20 something with AHAD!

  • Bozo

    I loved this show. Could hardly wait to see what happened next. Would Marta join forces with her once feared Nicolae Schiller? Would her own father put a hit out on his own daughter for setting him up? I thought that show was great but who am I? From now on if a show looks good, I will wait until it makes it past season one before i get hooked. They should have dumped once upon a time. That show is so hard to follow if you did not see it from the very start. ABC needs to just give up.. Only good show left is the Middle and it is only a matter of time till they screw that up too……

  • SMHJ

    Loved Red Widow. Hope it continues on another channel. Really enjoyed it…

  • lupe Cruikshank

    Very disappointed it didn’t give us a chance to get with the show. They had us believing it was just going to be on for a few weeks so why get accooustommed to seeing it and the way it was dropped. Shame on the producers. Would have liked at least six more episodes.

  • Lauren Presser

    Theres a peitition to save it!!

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