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Beer Bites: Game of Thrones drinking games

This is a big weekend for television bloggers, seeing as HBO’s “Game of Thrones” season three premiere is on Sunday.

But what does this have to do with beer?

Winter is coming — and I don’t mean global warming (you’re welcome, Republican Party). Brewery Ommegang has teamed up with HBO to create a new line of “Game of Thrones”-inspired beers. You can sample the first, Iron Throne Blonde Ale, at the Beer Belly Deli on Westcott Street on Saturday. The kitchen will be serving up a “Game of Thrones”-themed menu and the brewery will have team trivia to give you the chance to win some Ommegang swag. Come pregame with them from 7-10 p.m.

Once you get your hands on some Iron Throne, you’ll be properly prepared for the premiere, or more realistically, ready to stream online later that night. The great thing about HBO programs is that there are no commercials, and if you’re about to get hammered, you don’t want to have to keep getting up to get more beer.

That’s where the large-format bottle comes in handy. Grab one of these and you’ll be parked on the couch for the long haul. Just remember, it brings dishonor to your family if you don’t finish your beer, so I have devised a few drinking games. These are a great way to settle the age-old dispute of who has the biggest broadsword.

• That’s Awesome!

Invite a freshman to your viewing party and have everyone else drink whenever he or she says something stupid. Also, it goes without saying that all beheadings are followed by a solemn beer chug to honor the fallen. Note: Advanced drinkers might want to make a buzz-word Bingo card. This game could be retooled if you want to watch with a couple of ardent feminists instead.

1) Drink once whenever someone says, “That’s awesome!” Add more drinks for the quality of his or her emphasis (i.e. That. Was. Awwwwesome!).

2) Drink twice if the person is too drunk to understand a scene and need something explained.

3) Drink three times for cheers of delight from violence, and add one drink for each use of profanity.

4) Drink five times for every comment about the excessive — but very necessary to the plot — use of nudity. Add two drinks if they sound disappointed with what they see.

5) If someone passes out, finish your beer and give him or her a clean death.

• Pick Your Pony

Each player chooses a character from one of the noble houses (i.e. Stark, Lannister, etc.). Note: Advanced drinkers may want to pick the whole house.

1) Drink once if your character draws his or her weapon (Cersei referencing anyone’s genitals totally counts).

2) Drink twice if your character is referred to by a nickname or by his or her family’s sigil.

3) Give three drinks if your character deals out a verbal b*tch slap. Drink twice if your character was on the receiving end of the insult.

4) Drink five times if your character’s servants or soldiers die. Open the beers for whoever killed them for the rest of the episode or until they kill someone else.

5) Finish your beer and open everyone else’s if your character dies from unnatural causes.

• Passwords

At the start of the episode, each player guesses which catchphrase will be said next by a character. Each player bets how many seconds he or she will drink if he or she is not correct. Whoever is correct gives out double the number of drinks he or she wagered. Players can bet on more than one catchphrase, but have to drink their combined losses, even if they win.

• New Fan Game

Drink whenever you are confused until someone explains the scene satisfactorily. That should be from the first line of dialogue through the end credits.

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