Who is Syracuse?

Who is Syracuse? Tell us what you think

Who is Syracuse?

Who is Syracuse? You tell us.

The Daily Orange is putting together a series of profiles highlighting individuals who exemplify the Syracuse University community. These individuals, nominated by you, will be chosen based on the effect they have on the SU community and what the SU community means to them. Is it an individual who works to provide for the SU community every day and should be noticed for it? Is it someone who breathes and bleeds Syracuse spirit? Fill out the form below to nominate an individual you think answers the question of Who is Syracuse.

Everyone — students, faculty, staff, community members and more — is eligible.

The form will be open for nominations from Feb. 18 to March 17, and individuals will be chosen by The Daily Orange editors soon after. The series, “Who is Syracuse,” will be published in The Daily Orange over the course of one week in April.

Please contact editor@dailyorange.com with any questions.


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