‘To My Players’: Full text of Marrone’s email to SU players

Here is the text of the email sent to Syracuse players on behalf of former head coach Doug Marrone Monday after he was introduced as the Buffalo Bills’ head coach:

To My Players,

I am very sorry that I haven’t had an opportunity to speak to you in person regarding my move to the Buffalo Bills. It happened very quickly when I was not in Syracuse, and when most of you were not in Syracuse. I will explain everything in depth when I meet with you in-person this weekend.

For now, please know that accepting the job with the Bills was a very difficult decision for me. When I took this job four and a half years ago, I explained that being the Head Coach at Syracuse University had always been my dream job, and that was the truth. Attending Syracuse University changed my life, and from the time I left this campus in 1985, I dreamed about returning one day as the head football coach. I was finally given the opportunity, and it has been the most DIFFICULT and the most REWARDING professional experience of my life. I have learned so much from each of you. I do not have the words to express the satisfaction and the joy that coaching you has given me.
You are my guys. You will always be my guys. Syracuse University will always be my school. I have never considered leaving Syracuse for another university. But the fact is, when the Buffalo Bills called and offered to make me their head coach, I said yes because I am excited by the challenge.

I feel good about the progress the Syracuse Football Program has made under my leadership. I believe that I am leaving the program in much better condition than I found it. I will do everything in my power to ensure that your next head coach will continue on the path toward making Syracuse University a national football powerhouse. I will always support Syracuse University Football. I will always support each of you. If there is any way that I can help you with football and with your lives after football, reach out to me. Reach out to me even when you need nothing, I want to hear how my guys are doing.

Thank you for fulfilling a dream that I’ve had since I was 22 years old. Thank you for the privilege of being your coach. My thoughts and my heart will be with you on every down of every game.
Work hard every day. Never take a short-cut. Never quit.
Coach Marrone

  • William Schwenzfeier

    This says it all about an outstanding coach, mentor and alumnus … the love is what rings through … the message is incredible

    Bill Schwenzfeier ’67 & ’72

  • Orange44Pride

    What a tool.


    Class all the way. Welcome to Buffalo Coach! We’re Syracuse fans too!

  • Michael

    Anyone who still supports Marrone is delusional. Not only did he screw over his alma mater, he double screwed them by taking their Offensive Coordinator as well! This caused them to lose one of their biggest recruits in the last 10 years, Zach Allen. The only reason he was hired was that he portrayed a loyalty that the other candidates did not and seemed to be heading on the track of a being a long term head coach (like Boeheim).That turned out to be BS. He also left them too late in the year to conduct a proper coaching search and forced them to hire their under-qualified defensive coordinator or else they would’ve lost ALL of their recruits. An average coach that was terrible with clock management and in-game adjustments and got a job based off of a .500 win percentage and 2 bowl wins (1 of which was handed to him with a BS taunting call). He has left this program in almost as bad shape as he found it in. I have no respect for Marrone and I am rooting for him to fail in the NFL. Good Riddance.

  • icanewfriend

    P.S. I am taking all of the successful coaches with me to the Bills, leaving you on your own for your first year in the ACC. You see. I had to go now, while my value was high. We are going to struggle in the new conference and my record may doom me before I ever get the chance to coach in the NFL. Couldn’t risk that, could I?

  • kevinaitch

    In other words: You’re my guys, but I’ve just fallen in love with other guys,
    so . . . I’m moving out. I hope we can still be friends. P.S. Garbage days are Monday and Thursday. Feed the fish.

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