Rosen: Tech gifts can be simple, cheap presents for holidays

This holiday season is filled with cool gadgets suitable for your all your friends and family members. Though no awe-inspiring or revolutionary technologies have been produced in 2012, there are several high-tech treasures you can steal for a low price.


Windows 8 will sure make a splash this holiday season considering most new laptops, netbooks and convertibles are equipped with the newly redesigned operating system. This new operating system will hopefully make multitasking much easier as well as improve the usability for everyday browsers.


This shopping season will once again showcase the power of the tablet computer. Over the past several months companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft have made strides to create their own vision of the perfect tablet device. For 2012, the major tablet improvements come by way of superior screen resolution and increased processing speeds.

Google’s Nexus 7 was commended for its exemplary outward engineering and its stylish appearance. In addition, since the device is running the Android 4.2, many new features such as expandable notifications and increased fluidity when switching between applications are possible.

The $199 price point is the most attractive factor of this small-sized tablet. This low price should attract users who originally thought a tablet was out of their price range.

For 2012, Microsoft finally has burst on the scene with its Surface tablet. Just four years ago the Surface was an experimental touch-smart coffee table, but today it has matured into a gleaming piece of VaporMg, a lightweight and durable frame.

The live tiles that make up the screen update constantly with notifications such as news updates, weather alerts, stock reports and sports scores. This new take on the mobile interface makes it a standout for the consumer who is looking to deviate away from the iPad or Galaxy Tab.


When it comes to accessorizing your new device there are several nifty options ranging from stylish cases to creative keyboards. Many of these fascinating solutions are niche items and might cost you a pretty penny.

Brookstone, still reeling from the Great Recession, has finally come out with several terrific accessories that will compliment your laptop, tablet or smartphone dynamically. Their virtual keyboard uses a Bluetooth keychain to illuminate your desk with a projected laser keyboard perfect for typing.

There are few times you can actually feel like James Bond, and for only $99 it’s a bargain.

If you feel your iPad deserves better treatment than your sister this year, there is always the 19th-century-modeled leather-bound iPad case. TwelveSouth’s BookBook comes equipped with straps, a stand and an enclosing zipper. At $79.99 this accessory will ensure that your iPad is warm and snug as the winter season progresses.

Jared Rosen is a sophomore advertising and marketing management major. His column appears weekly. He can be contacted at or followed on Twitter at @jaredmarc14.


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