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Nava loses election, but looks to remain involved in SA

When Iggy Nava interviewed for the position of vice president against Allie Curtis and lost, he wasn’t deterred. He decided to then run against her for Student Association president.

But this election had the same results—Curtis, who received 31.1 percent of the vote, was elected president over Nava, who received approximately 19.7 percent of the vote.

Despite the loss, Nava will continue working to make changes at Syracuse University through his involvement with other organizations, such as the Residence Hall Association, said campaign manager Boris Gresely.

“Because we are students here and because we’re leaders, we’re going to do our work and we’re going to advocate and create change in any organization that we’re at,” said Gresely.

Nava will not return as an assembly representative in the next session, Gresely said, but he will continue to remain involved in SA.

Nava received 773 votes while current vice president Curtis won the election with 1,221 votes. PJ Alampi came in second place with 23.9 percent of the vote and Kyle Coleman just behind him with 22.9 percent.

Though Nava’s campaign team was disappointed that Nava was not elected, Gresely said, it was pleased with the number of votes Nava received and ultimately considered the experience a positive one.

“The polls show it was a close race; it wasn’t as far as people will say,” he said. “It was well fought.”

Gresely said Nava sent a message thanking the members of his campaign team and also called to congratulate each of the candidates upon receiving the news.

“We all had our vision and the student population voted upon which version was the best,” Gresely said. “I commend that campaign team and Iggy would do the same thing. We both wish them the best of luck and we both wish them to do the best thing for the Syracuse University student body.”



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