Fact or Myth : Mountain Dew lowers sperm count

Mountain Dew lowers sperm count


Mmm. The crisp, cold Mountain Dew soda attracts parched youths, yet deters a number of male drinkers. With each sip of the yellow soda, some males wonder if the rumor is true, if the chemical found in Mountain Dew, yellow 5, is killing their sperm. Guys don’t have to worry about losing their manhood to the yellow beverage anymore.

Joe Conaghan, Ph.D and board-certified high-complexity clinical laboratory director at the Pacific Fertility Center, said in an e-mail there is no scientific evidence that proves yellow 5 is harmful to sperm. The chemical, yellow 5, also known as tartrazine, is a stable chemical and nontoxic, Conaghan said. Not only do people think it lowers sperm count, but there are also rumors Mountain Dew is an effective contraceptive.

‘This is simply not true, and is just one of the many stupid ideas that reckless young people perpetuate about sex,’ Conaghan said.

When the refreshing Mountain Dew beckons, go ahead and answer it; your sperm won’t mind.


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