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Spring Break without the spring

While many of his friends may come back with burns from sitting on a hot sunny beach, humor columnist Josh Feinblatt spent his Spring Break getting windburn from shoveling. Read more »


How to write a last-minute paper

Writing a paper last minute? Humor Columnist Josh Feinblatt knows what it feels like, because he wrote his column last minute, to show you how to write a paper very late in the game. Read more »


What syllabus week really teaches you

Paying attention during syllabus week is hard. There are so many distractions, like catching up on sleep you missed out on during the break, but humor columnist Josh Feinblatt paid attention for you. Read more »

election humor

What's next for Hillary Clinton?

Now that Hillary Clinton lost the election, what will she do with her time? Will she be a regular grandma or still a political force to be reckoned with? Josh Feinblatt, election humor columnist, breaks it down. Read more »