Summer Reading 2017

11 Pulp stories to read this summer, because we couldn’t choose just 10

Colin Davy | Staff Photographer

Pulp's top 11 stories from the 2016-17 school year covered topics ranging from Syracuse locals who were medieval history enthusiasts to people who opened an ice cream shop 60 years ago.

From documenting the closing of the Hill’s beloved Funk ‘n Waffles location to telling the stories of the local refugee community, the semester brought the Syracuse community sweet and salty stories.

Here are 11 of the best, in no particular order, because 10 just wasn’t enough.


Andy Mendes | Digital Design Editor

Around the world in 80 days? This SU alumnus ran around the world in 7 days.

Winston Fisher only needed as many days as there are in the week. As a Syracuse University student Fisher wasn’t into running, but four years ago he started testing the limits with endurance, which led to his completion of the World Marathon Challenge.

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Emmy Gnat | Staff Illustrator

Don’t be salty about these towns stealing Syracuse’s name

Syracuse gets a lot of snow, at least 100 inches on average, and with snow comes lots of salt, so it was nicknamed “The Salt City.” Though not as snowy, or salty, eight other states have adopted the Syracuse name, each with some connection to the original New York city.


Ally Moreo | Photo Editor

Irish community at St. Patrick’s Church thrives despite decline in Catholic population

The popularity of Catholicism has seen a steady decline in recent years, yet St. Patrick’s Church in Tipperary Hill is still going strong and has still held to its Irish roots. Read more from our Tipperary Hill Guide here.


Jacob Greenfeld | Staff Photographer

Chess gives kids in Syracuse skills that go beyond the board

Champion chess player Bob Nasiff brought chess to the Southside Academy Charter School classroom. Even the students who think they’re “too cool” for the sport gave up their lunch period for a chance to learn the game.


Michael Santiago | Staff Photographer

Father-son duo went from being on the run to running a music production company

On his second strike with the justice system, Freedom-Allah:Bey took his son with him on the run. With the boy’s mom in prison, he didn’t want to leave him with two parents locked in the system. Since then, the duo has formed a tight bond and has worked to bring a positive message to youth through their common interest: rap music.


Ally Moreo | Photo Editor

The original Funk ‘n Waffles closed its doors for good. Here’s what the last day was like.

The original Funk ‘n Waffles, a staple on the Hill, closed mid-February due to upcoming construction on South Crouse Avenue. The story takes you through its last day from the first to the last waffle served that day.


Colin Davy | Staff Photographer

The Black Celestial Choral Ensemble is turning 40 this year

No, members don’t have to be black to join. They don’t even need to be Christian, but they do need to be able to sing their hearts out. While number have dipped in recent years the traditions of the ensemble remain, this year they celebrated 40 years on the Syracuse University campus.


Daily Orange File Photo

‘Find their place’: How a local nonprofit is empowering refugees and immigrants in Syracuse

Syracuse is home to thousands of refugees from almost a dozen countries. Local groups continue to work to welcome incoming refugees and help them settle into the country they can now call home. This story was part of the Syracuse Refugee Series, which looked at aspects of life and current events connected to refugees in Syracuse.


Colin Davy | Staff Photographer

The rest is history: Medieval history enthusiasts find rich friendship in 50-year-old organization

Syracuse is part of a kingdom, at least within the Society for Creative Anachronism. SCA is an organization dedicated to researching and putting in practice pre-17th century life and culture. The organization members embrace it all, from the Renaissance fairs to sparring.


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Sweet legacy: Family-owned ice cream stand remains local icon for 60 years

The Sno Top Ice Cream shop opened in 1957 and has no plans to slow down. The shop, which makes its own ice cream, has persisted as a local favorite. Customers rave about the ice cream and the extra touch of sweetness of their familial customer service.


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Jonathan Hoster: How an admissions counselor has become a ‘guardian angel’ for students and staff

Jonathan Hoster was among the people profiled as part of the annual “Who is Syracuse?” series. It highlights people who embody the spirit of Syracuse University. Hoster has continually gone above his duties as an admission counselor to ensure his students don’t struggle, and to put a smile on their faces whenever he gets the chance.


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