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Vice presidential candidate Roy Tin receives threat and hate messages following SA debate

Colin Davy | Asst. Photo Editor

Roy Tin, vice presidential candidate and running mate of Tyler Rossi, received threats over text messages by a former classmate in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management.

The Department of Public Safety is looking into threats made against Student Association vice presidential candidate Roy Tin by a former classmate who disagreed with his campaign’s platform.

Tin received threatening text messages on Monday, one day after Sunday’s SA presidential debate, which at times turned combative between presidential candidates James Franco and Tyler Rossi. Rossi is Tin’s running mate.

DPS Chief Bobby Maldonado confirmed to The Daily Orange that the incident has been reported and that DPS is reviewing the information Tin provided.

“I received some hate messages, and actually a threat of my personal safety,” Tin said.

The student asked Tin to meet in front the Hall of Languages at around 11 p.m. Monday night. The student threatened Tin if he did not agree to meet, but did not elaborate on what would happen at the meeting or what the threat entailed.

Tin said the text messages were sent by a former classmate in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, but declined to name the student because of the ongoing DPS investigation into the incident.

The student opposed Tin’s political views, the way Rossi’s presidential campaign is being run and statements Rossi made at the first SA debate, Tin said. Rossi, who is running for SA president.

At Sunday’s debate, Rossi’s comments opposing sanctuary campuses and vice presidential candidate Angie Pati’s experience appeared to shock the audience in the auditorium. Rossi, whom Tin said is currently out of town, has not responded to a request for comment on this story.

“We condemn any kind of threat to anyone’s safety on this campus and we hope that Roy stays safe throughout this entire ordeal,” Franco said, adding that Franco’s campaign hasn’t received any similar threats.

Tin said he discussed the threatening text messages with Franco and that Rossi’s and Franco’s campaigns would issue a joint statement Thursday.

As a candidate for office, Tin said he understood that people might disagree with his policies.

“But if I were not running for public office, and if I were to take (the threats) personally, I would be devastated,” Tin said.


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