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These sophomores had a more productive spring break than you did. Now, it’s paying off.

Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Anjani Iman and Rachel Maglio started 44Threads last month to sell restyled sweatshirts.

Anjani Iman and Rachel Maglio are known as the sisters with scissors. Both members of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, the roommates are always the go-to for putting together and altering T-shirts for themed parties when fashion innovation beckons.

But, on a cold winter day, snowed in during a spring break in Boston last month, the duo started playing with materials for their own fun. By taking a simple sweatshirt and cutting it into two, they made a top and a bottom from the bottom half of the same sweatshirt. With a few tugs, rips, cuts and some sewing skills, the first sweat set was made.

“Everything happened the same day,” said Iman, a sophomore broadcast and digital journalism major. “We put it on our Snapchat and we thought, ‘we need to get on this before people start to take our idea.’”

Now, the duo has created 44 Threads, a line of customized sweatshirts with an innovative twist. With one simple sweatshirt, they turn typical lounge wear into an edgy sweat set which includes a top and matching miniskirt.

After flaunting their design on social media, compliments started to pour in with people obsessing over the new look. What started as just something to pass the time quickly became something greater. 44 Threads’ first order was submitted that day.

“I was laying in bed and thinking of possible names, and I just thought of the number 44, which is so important to SU for honoring Ernie Davis,” Maglio, a sophomore public health and policy studies dual major, said. “And then of course ‘Threads’ because we sew it.”


Connor Bahng | Staff Photographer

Iman and Maglio have been learning along the way since their launch in late March. By using an Instagram account as their business platform, and “I heard it through the grapevine” tactics, word is already spreading about these made-to-order customized sets. As of now, 44 Threads is known among friends and people in their sorority circle, but with Mayfest on the horizon, they are looking to make their mark in the fashion community on campus with more looks specific to the spring music festival.

“We wanted to something that was kinda our own thing and that wasn’t just about tailgate style since that is done so often,” Iman said.

The customized sweatshirts are made to order through their Instagram and can be created for whatever your inner fashionista desires — all while maintaining the comfort and fashion-forward qualities of athleisure wear. Orders can be created, customized and submitted by using the Google Form located in their bio section of the account. Their most popular design to date takes on the Syracuse University orange color with a customized name and rose flower detail along the sleeves. Iman has even designed one for herself.

The roommates’ differences are what inspire them. Although they live under the same roof, they find many differences in their personal style and creativity. But what brings them together is their passion to make 44 Threads “iconic.”

Said Maglio: “This is our common ground.”


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