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Our Reader: Thrive at SU supports James Franco and Angie Pati in Student Association election

Thrive: to prosper or flourish.

For any community to thrive, it is crucial to develop a strong foundation — one rooted in both diversity and a sense of togetherness. This is what our organization believes and practices through our initiatives, and these are beliefs truly shared and exemplified by only one ticket in this Student Association election: James Franco and Angie Pati.

Over their years at SU, Franco and Pati have demonstrated a consistent ability to bring people together for the betterment of our campus and community. Notably, their proposal for a multicultural committee within SA shows us a dedication to long-term inclusivity in conversations crucial to the direction of our campus and their support for a cultural fair that involves local organizations has highlighted their ability to take this message beyond campus borders, into the city of Syracuse.

Franco and Pati have clearly outlined a smart, feasible and accepting vision for campus policies, but more importantly, they have shown themselves to be principled and passionate and continue to actively seek out advice from all members of our community.

For all of these reasons, we consider it a privilege to officially endorse them for SA. We urge our fellow students to join us and see our campus thrive under the leadership of James Franco and Angie Pati.


Thrive at SU


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