Editor's Note

Here’s how you can support independent student journalism

The Daily Orange still has $5,709 to raise of its $19,100 fundraising goal.


Dear readers,

Since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, there has been a strong push across the country to support journalism. As someone who hopes to make a career in newspapers, it’s inspiring to see the #PressOn movement on Twitter and New York Times subscriptions double in 2016.

Like politics, though, everything can’t be concentrated at the top. Metro newspapers need our support. Weekly newspapers deserve our readership. The Daily Orange requires your help. Operating as a four-day print publication with a 24/7 web presence requires a tight hand on the budget and support from the outside. That’s where you come in.

We’re holding a $10 fundraising challenge. If everyone donates $10, we’ll complete our fundraising goal for this academic year. By completing the wish list, we’ll be able to expand our coverage and continue serving the SU community independently.

In my opinion, that’s a cause worth investing in.

Justin Mattingly, Editor in Chief


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