Duck: Paul Schwedelson

Asst. Copy Editor | Spring 2015-Fall 2015; Asst. Sports Editor | Spring 2016; Sports Editor | Fall 2016

No single institution has changed my life as much as The Daily Orange. I’m grateful for having the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow. Thank you to everyone who I’ve interacted with over the past few years, especially the following people.

Mom, Dad, Jodi and Sara: Thank you for always reading no matter what. Even when I just began at The D.O. and seemingly no one cared about the sports I covered, I knew I had to put out my best work because at least a couple people would read it. Thank you for always supporting me.

Trevor: The first time we met was because JJ thought we’d get along. You were the one who opened the door for me the first time I entered 744, figuratively and literally. Thanks for canning all those 3s in Media Cup 2014. I don’t think I had talked to you much during my first semester on campus, but I almost always read The D.O. because I wanted to read what you wrote. Oh, and thanks for spreading my nickname throughout The D.O.

Bailey: Thanks for putting me on softball and helping me get started. One of my favorite all-time D.O. memories happened solely because of your ability to remind people of tradition. And if there’s one thing that matters at The D.O., it’s tradition.

Jesse: I wasn’t quite sure what to write for you so I started going back through our emails from the summer of 2014. I forgot how long my emails were back then. And thankfully, you read through all of them. I remember during the Poppy Livers read, I had said there’s pressure since it’s my first A1. You replied saying, “There’s no pressure really.” You always kept D.O. Sports lighthearted and that set a really strong example for us.

Phil: You taught me so much. Your steady hand and organization was an incredible skill. You were the one who taught me how to copy edit and, if nothing else, at least I was a better copy editor than Connor.

Blum: Thanks for going on that hero mission. I couldn’t have done it alone. But you set the bar high for me on my first D.O. roadtrip. You believed in me more than I believed in myself and I can’t thank you enough for that. Yes, we were there for ACC.

Klinger: The first time I met you, you screamed, “Grab their titties and twist ‘em as hard as you can!” I don’t think you’ve ever said anything that more embodied your lively personality. Thanks for the advice to go to coffee shops.

Tomer: Your path at The Daily Orange is inspiring. When you first came in-house, a lot of us had no clue what to expect. But you grinded with the best of them and immediately proved why you’re so valuable here. No one lights up a room at 744 the way you do. I know you often say you’re out of shape, but I’m glad you made it out of Talen Energy Stadium.

Fortier: The first time I cried at 744 was in your arms. This place means a lot to a lot of people. A few years back, we sat in my car at the top of the Mount and talked for probably about 20 minutes. There was nowhere to go, just enjoying the company. Thank you for always kept responding to this weird guy that always shoots you messages at weird hours. Let’s go to Faculty again sometime.

Guti: One of my favorite moments of the semester was when you said you wanted to become a D.O. lifer. You meshed in perfectly with this year’s staff even though you were the new guy. Your drive has always been impressive and you have all the talent. Just be yourself and it’ll come together. I’m always free to chat.

Graham, DiSturco and Alvarez: Listen and learn from Tomer, Sam and Guti. They know what they’re doing. You are all capable of great things, just put in the time and the work. I’ll still be around. Call or text any time.

Burke: I used to think you were just that goofy kid in my COM 117 class who writes for Nunes. Now you’re just that goofy kid who writes for The D.O. I absolutely love chatting and I enjoy you keeping the mood light. Nothing is ever too serious, thanks for constantly reminding me of that. Looking forward to reading news next semester.

Mara: Thanks for always replying to my irrelevant messages. I’m not really sure why you feel inclined to reply, but you do anyway. The D.O. was better because you were here. Thanks.

Brett: I appreciate you answering my dumb questions sometimes and I’m glad that you still enjoy talking to me. I’ve always enjoyed your wisdom.

Chloe: The Daily Orange needs people like you, Chlo. I’m glad I had the chance to work with you.

Jes and Clare: I can’t remember a semester where we had as interesting covers for our special editions. Thanks for always bailing us out when we didn’t quite have specific ideas.

Emma, Lucy and Kiran: It’s been fun working together and seeing all three of you grow over the past couple years. You’re all immensely talented.

Gedetsis: You’ve always had good ideas and you constantly push the paper forward. I know you’ll keep doing that no matter what role you’re in, no matter what publication you’re at. I’m glad we’ve been able to work together.

Schneid: From softball until now, I’ve learned a lot from observing your work even though we both have different styles. Looking forward to working together on men’s basketball.

Alexa Diaz: I’m pretty sure you’ve saved my life at least seven times this semester. You’re an absolute wizard at your job and you helped smooth over a lot of my challenges in the past few months. There’s no one I’d rather go to when I need to hear something nice. Thanks for all you do.

Connor: You probably got tired of my phone calls this summer as I stressed about being sports editor. The best advice you ever gave me is, “No one reads the paper.” For most people that sounds like horrible advice, but what I’ve always enjoyed about you is you’re a straight-shooter. Yes, that’s a reference to my horrible performance in Indianapolis.


And one last thing. It was just one clipboard at that first softball game.


Justin: You’re an inspiring person. You set goals and you accomplish them and it’s never really ever a question as to whether it’ll get done. But more important than your work with The D.O. is the friendship that you’ve provided me with. I don’t think anyone has put up with me as well as you have this semester. Thanks for introducing me to Jreck. Keep moving that rock.

Jon: No one at The D.O. is more talented than you. Being able to work with you this semester has been an absolute blast. You didn’t have to make the sacrifice to work in Sports this semester but you did anyway. And that’s a testament to your dedication. I know you often like to downplay it, but what you’ve meant to 744 over the past few years cannot be measured. You’re also probably the only person outside of my family who has seen me puke three times. Nice.

Chris: No one has pushed me at The Daily Orange harder than you have. The only reason I know a couple of the rules in women’s lacrosse is because I had to keep up with you. I’m so proud of what you accomplished this semester. Keep your head up and be confident in what you’re doing. You’re going to make it big one day and I’m just lucky to say that I worked alongside you. You’re a heck of a lot smarter than I am and I can’t thank you enough for coming back this semester. I hope you enjoyed yourself a bit more. You deserved it. Thanks for keeping me calm when my car got towed. Burn The Boats.

Dres and Sahan: Thanks for being so supportive. I probably complained about being busy more than a few times, but you guys never gave up on me. Both of you are role models. I learned a lot from both of you. I know we haven’t been in touch as much recently, but you know where to find me.

Matt: I can’t believe you’ve been with me every step of the way. And there’s no one I’d want by my side more than you. I haven’t hung out as much as we should (I’ll make up for it next semester) but when we were growing up, playing ball at Club Fit, listening to the FIFA and MVP Baseball 2004 soundtracks, playing NCAA Football 09, shooting on your hoop, playing one-on-ones in my sunroom, these are the things we dreamed of. We’re living the dream.

Anyone that’s ever read any of my stories: Thanks.


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