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SU Construction Update: The National Veterans Resource Complex construction plan is ongoing, two additional feedback sessions to be held

Kiran Ramsey | Digital Design Editor

Syracuse University Vice President and Chief Campus Facilities Officer Pete Sala said in an email update that two additional informations will be held to solicit feedback on potential campus restroom signage and future furnishings for the University Place promenade.

The National Veterans Resource Complex construction project planning is moving forward, said Pete Sala, Syracuse University’s vice president and chief campus facilities officer, in an email sent to the SU community Monday.

Sala said SHoP, the architecture firm that is responsible for the NVRC construction, has frequently visited the SU campus in the last two months and met representatives from the Office of Campus Planning, Design and Construction and the Office of Veterans and Military Affairs to begin schematic designs of the building.

In the email update, Sala said there will be two additional information sessions —  one on potential campus restroom signage and another on future furnishings for the University Place promenade. The time and the date of the sessions have not yet been announced.

The NVRC will be a multi-purpose facility equipped with a large auditorium for campus events and will be constructed at the corner of South Crouse and Waverly avenues. Sala said demolition work of the Hoople Building will be taking place later this fall and the actual construction of the complex is scheduled to start in the summer of 2017.

In addition, Sala noted construction for a single-use accessible restroom on the second floor of Goldstein Student Center will start this fall, and the design work that would transform the current multi-user restrooms into accessible single-user restrooms and showers on all floors at Day Hall has begun.

Additionally, the Bowne Hall renovation project completion is expected to be in mid-December, Sala said.

The next Campus Framework forum will be held Oct. 29 at 11 a.m. in Maxwell Auditorium. Also, October’s construction information session will be held Oct. 19 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 113 of the Heroy Geology Building.

Here are the other construction updates Sala included in his email:

Center for Science and Technology siding replacement: The siding project is done and the contractor is preparing to paint the exhaust stack on the roof. The contractor will establish a fenced-in equipment area in the lower area of the Quad 4 Parking Lot. The work will be taking place in October and about eight parking spaces will be affected.

Crouse College masonry and sloped glazing repair: Masonry repairs and improvements to the Crouse College facade are concluded for now. The repairs and the installation of the new glass for skylights in Room 400 will be finished next spring and summer.

Falk College cafe: The renovations to the cafe on the second floor of White Hall are almost complete. There will be a delay in the completion of cafe construction and the opening of it. It will be open to the public in early November.

Falk College (White Hall): There is a proposal to install architectural painted aluminum screening along the perimeter of the White Hall roof this fall. The installation will be done by mid-November. A similar project was completed on the roof of Link Hall last spring.

Huntington Hall: A plaster repair project is planned for the lower level of Huntington Hall. The project design is finished and the university is looking for bids from contractors. The work is scheduled to be performed later this fall during nonbusiness hours. The plaster repair will occur in public corridors. The Office of Campus Planning, Design and Construction will be communicating a schedule and the process of the work to the building occupants when a contractor is chosen.

Irving Garage stair maintenance: Repair of the concrete stairs and railings is planned for the stairwell leading to the pedestrian bridge. The CPDC is looking for quotes for this work with the intent of completing the work this fall.

Link Hall accessible ramp and auditorium improvements: The construction of the ramped entry on the east side (Sims Hall side) is continuing. Work on the snow-melt system in the mechanical room is ongoing.

Schine Student Center exterior glass door replacement: Seven sets of new doors will replace all the glass entry doors at Schine. The new doors will be put in place one at a time, and three sets of doors are already done. Two more sets of doors will be installed during the next few weeks. The main entry doors (campus side) and the first floor west entrance (S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications side) will be set in place during Thanksgiving break. Electronic locking and card access will be added on all doors at the building.

Sims Hall exterior stairs: Concrete foundations and stair bases are finished at all five entrances. Temporary wood stair treads and railings have been put in place until the granite treads arrive, which is expected to be mid-October. Snow-melt system work on the mechanical room is ongoing.


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