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The DO Editorial Board

Made up of the editor in chief, the managing editor and the head editor from each respective section of The Daily Orange, The D.O. Editorial Board serves as the voice of our 113-year-old institution, one that has been independent of the university since 1971. The editorial board aims to contribute the perspectives of students to conversations that are often centered on local policies, news events and administrative actions.

As a board, we value full transparency in the ways in which our daily editorial comes together. Our topics are selected by the editorial editor on the basis of news value and relevance to life as an SU student and a resident of Syracuse, New York. Once a general consensus is reached during the nightly roundtable, the editorial editor condenses the primary points of the conversation into the edit board, though they do not inject their own opinion into the commentary.

Because we are financially independent of the university, our board has the opportunity to hold the SU administration accountable for discrepancies in decisions, policies and programming. Regardless of whether D.O. readers agree with the stance of the board, we encourage our readers to express their own thoughts through letters to the editor to challenge us, engage with us and acknowledge that the editorial board does not end these local discussions, but rather nurtures them.

In an effort to be transparent, the names and titles of current editorial board members are posted below.

Members of the fall 2016 Editorial Board:
Justin Mattingly, Editor in Chief
Alexa Diaz, Managing Editor
Clare Ramirez, Presentation Director
Sara Swann, News Editor
Paul Schwedelson, Sports Editor
Rachel Gilbert, Feature Editor
Jacob Gedetsis, Digital Editor
Jessica Sheldon, Photo Editor

A minimum of seven editors must be present for a discussion to take place. If any member of the editorial board is unavailable to join in on a discussion, a staff member from their respective sections, or the Copy Chief, can serve on the board temporarily.

If there is an issue you would like the editorial board to weigh in on, please pitch your idea here.


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