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Student Association to hold second annual Cuse Conference

Moriah Ratner | Staff Photographer

Last year's Cuse Conference was attended by many SU administration officials, such as Chancellor Kent Syverud.

The 2016 Cuse Conference, an event aimed at bringing together members of the Syracuse University community to address issues that affect students, is tentatively scheduled to be held on April 24.

The Student Association announced at its meeting last Monday that the conference, which is the second of its kind, would be taking place again this spring. Nicole Sherwood, external chair of public relations for SA, which is in charge of planning the event, said the organization is planning to have a similar format to last year’s Cuse Conference.

“We really want to have a lot of top administrators, faculty, as well as students from all different schools and organizations come to really come together to talk about some of the main issues on campus and with the Syracuse community,” Sherwood said.

Last year’s Cuse Conference brought in high ranking officials in the SU administration, such as Chancellor Kent Syverud.

At last year’s Cuse Conference, SA identified eight issues of large concern on campus and held panels on the following topics:

  • Student-to-Student Accountability for Sexual Consent
  • Imaginary Borders: Campus vs. Community Safety
  • 21st Century Values and Traditions in 20th Century Institutions
  • Restructuring RSO system and Student Engagement
  • Multidisciplinary and Extracurricular Academia
  • Curing and Caring: Health and Wellness Alternatives
  • Defining Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Empowering Student Governance

Sherwood said some of the issues talked about last year will be brought up again at the conference this spring. She pointed to public safety, diversity and inclusion and sexual assault prevention as topics that will be discussed at this year’s conference.

“Last year they also spoke about the idea of ‘one university,’ the chancellor’s vision and the campus framework plan,” Sherwood added. “I think that stuff like that will be some of the main topics.”

One major difference between last year’s Cuse Conference and this year’s is the keynote speaker, Sherwood said. Although SA does not know who the speaker will be, Sherwood said SA is trying to get an SU alumnus or alumna with a very successful career.

This year there will be more of a push to engage student leaders on campus, Sherwood said.

“We want as many students to come as possible, but I think that we really want to make it particularly beneficial to people who are leaders on campus, in their home colleges and organizations,” Sherwood said.


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