Taste in music, art inspires graphic design major’s sense of fashion

From free flowing, bohemian and relaxed to sleek, edgy and minimal, sophomore graphic design major Sofia Russo draws style inspiration from her varied taste in music and art. Frequenting sample sales and outlets rather than traditional department stores, Russo places emphasis on originality and shuns popular trends. Russo opened her closet doors for The Daily Orange, sharing her favorite signature pieces, winter must-haves and fashion advice.

The Daily Orange: Who are your favorite designers at the moment?

Sofia Russo: Theysken’s Theory, Karolina Zmarlak and Phillip Lim. In terms of places I can afford and like to shop at: Zara, outlets and sample sales.

The D.O.: Can you describe your style?

S.R.: My style evolves, depending on where my life is at the moment. I used to have a really boho style back in high school when I had no real worries or cares. Free People was my favorite store, and I loved slouchy clothing. Now, my style is edgier. I wear a lot of black and dark colors. I also love layering and the minimal look. I never wear anything with symbols or emblems — I hate them.

The D.O.: Who is your style icon?

S.R.: I don’t have one to be honest. I get a lot of my ideas from all different types of people. My style comes from looking through lookbooks at stores I shop at. That way, I can see what is trending. I’ll take ideas from the more expensive designer lookbooks and then go to Zara and find similar items at a fraction of the price.

The D.O.: Aside from flipping through lookbooks, what do you draw inspiration from?

S.R.: My music. When I had the boho look I would listen to Dispatch and musicians like that. Now, with an edgier style, I listen to trip-hop: Flume, Disclosure and SBTRKT. I would also say my style changes with my art. I used to be more into painting and drawing — physical mediums. Now I’m more into graphics and web design.

The D.O.: What are your favorite fashion and beauty trends?

S.R.: Over-the-knee boots, red/orange lipstick with no eyeliner, just mascara. I like the natural look. I don’t do my nails a lot and I don’t wear a lot of bronzer.

The D.O.: What do you like most about fashion?

S.R.: I like that it’s so individual. You can wear anything you want; it’s all about you. For me, fashion is a reflection of who I am. Someone can get a glimpse of who you are just by looking at your style. It’s an outlet to express myself.

The D.O.: What do you look for when you buy your clothes?

S.R.: Originality. I don’t ever buy something that has been out there too much. It turns me off. I also like to buy things I won’t be wearing all the time — the more statement pieces. Although, you’ll never catch me wearing a statement necklace — way too preppy.

The D.O.: Do you have any advice to students on campus looking to improve their style?

S.R.: Try to be unique and don’t just buy things because your friends have them. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and get something you wouldn’t normally wear. Look at lookbooks to keep up with daily trends. Subscribe to the newsletters of stores you like.


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