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Women’s 4×100 meter relay team looks to build on school record

In a sport where personal records rule supreme and individuals shine, track and field is not often thought of as a team sport.

But the Syracuse women’s 4×100 meter relay team is reminding the masses that it is indeed just that, and is running some of the best times in school history.

“Every one of the girls has PR’d indoor or outdoor,” said head sprinters coach Dave Hegland. “Any relay is about having girls that run well individually, and if a team has that, relays happen pretty organically.”

The team consisting of Sabrina Cammock, Bria Goodson, Rebecca Robinson and Shaina Harrison has had a historic start to its outdoor season. The group set a school record of 45:37 seconds on March 29 at the Yellow Jacket Invitational at Georgia Tech. The same four girls fell .10 seconds shy of a new record this past weekend with a time of 45:46 at the Florida Relays in Gainesville, Fla.

Cammock ran a personal record of 24.68 seconds in the 200m at the Yellow Jacket Invitational and Harrison ran an 11.56 personal record in Florida this past weekend. The duo has enjoyed individual success which has translated directly into success for the 4×100 meter relay team.

“We need to tighten up our handoffs a little bit,” Hegland said. “We’ve struggled with that in the past. It’s a hard thing to do coming out the gate the first time. It just takes a little practice.”

Hegland believes that the team has reached the marks it has this season because of the individuals that compose it. With each sprinter reaching new personal heights, the team keeps improving as well.

The girls on the team attributed their success to a redirected focus on baton handoffs. Throughout the indoor track season, the team struggled in perfecting on passing the baton. They were off in their timing. In a sport where every fraction of a second counts, handoffs are paramount in running a flawless relay.

“We incorporate the handoffs into our warm-ups now,” Harrison said. “We haven’t done a lot of relay practice in the past, so that extra work is definitely what has changed.”

The team has felt a lot more comfortable with the handoffs lately. The sprinters appreciate the work that coach Hegland has put them through, especially upon seeing the results.

“Setting the record in Georgia meant a lot to us. In the past, we’ve struggled to get together as a team and run a good relay,” Cammock said. “There would always be a few things off, such as our passes. It’s started to click for us recently.”

Hegland knows the team’s confidence is at a high right now due to a few successful weekends in a row. He is confident that the team will continue to improve and set records.

The extra work, practice and team’s optimistic attitude has paid off and the relay team is starting to see the results.

“We aren’t going to be complacent with the record,” Harrison said. “We want to keep getting better and make the time for nationals.”


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