Bird adds ID checks after 8 p.m.

E.S. Bird Library’s University Place entrance will close at 8 p.m. and students, faculty and staff who enter the building’s Waverly Avenue entrance after that time will require a Syracuse University or SUNY-ESF identification card throughout the spring semester.

Library security staff started checking IDs at the Waverly entrance Monday night, according to an SU Libraries press release. Staff will also request IDs from everyone already in the building.

The security measure prevents individuals unaffiliated with the university from entering the library late at night. While the university added the measure to increase security in its main study space, some students have voiced concern with the changes.

Ashley Lee, a senior child and family studies major said she thinks the changes are “really inconvenient,” especially having to enter from Waverly Avenue instead of using the University Place entrance.

The library will be open to non-university individuals before 8 p.m., according to the release. Otherwise, library hours will remain the same, but only the Waverly entrance will stay open past 8 p.m., said Thomas House, library security and facilities coordinator.

“While this may seem intrusive at first, this added security precaution will help further secure Bird Library as a safe work space for students and other members of the SU and ESF communities,” according to the release.

Jaimie Park, a senior art history major, said she sees no problem with the ID checks, saying it will help the library improve its security.

Lee recognizes the need for ID checks but doesn’t understand the University Place entrance’s closing, she said. But she acknowledged seeing people in the library late at night during the fall semester who didn’t quite belong.

“A lot of sketchy, homeless people came in to sleep,” Lee said. “It was people you know who weren’t here to study at midnight or 1 a.m.”


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