Letter to the Editor

Student section lacks enthusiasm for SU sporting events

There is no denying that Syracuse University has a proud sports tradition in football, basketball, lacrosse and many other sports.

However, it is also painfully clear that student fan support of these programs along with our fan culture in general is, quite frankly, terrible. If our students were as proud of our programs as many of them claim to be, nobody would leave games early, no matter if we are winning in a blowout or getting blown out. The student section would be in full voice from the beginning of whatever game to the final whistle, and every single student would stay and sing our Alma Mater.

But anyone who has been to an SU home game knows that is not the case; our student section is not loud and intimidating, only providing a low hum of lukewarm chants unless it’s a close game. At least half of the student section is heading for the exits at halftime for football games (even big ones), and that holds true for most nonconference basketball games as well. Of the students that are left at the end of games, I would say less than 10 percent stay for the two-minute long Alma Mater, a proud Syracuse University tradition.

What is even worse, in my opinion, is the fact that SU could have been one of the best student sections in the nation. Think about it: Syracuse probably has the most unique sports venue in the country, especially for football. A huge domed stadium where sound literally gets trapped inside? Sounds pretty formidable. Additionally, Syracuse is unusually large for a private university, giving us the chance to have one of the largest student sections in the country.

However, we fail to take advantage of these characteristics. I hate to break it to everybody, but no one is afraid to play us in the Carrier Dome. Why? Because our fan culture, even though many of our students think otherwise, sucks.

How we’re going to become an instrument of fear for our opponents I don’t know, but what I do know is we owe it to our athletes and coaches to make this change. Also, I’m sure there are plenty of SU students who think I’m dead wrong. To them I say: Prove me wrong; you’ve got plenty home games to do it.

Patrick Fallon
Class of 2016


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