Bird Library exterior construction to finish this winter

Construction on the exterior of E.S. Bird Library is nearly complete and is scheduled to be finished before the winter weather sets in.

The purpose of the construction is to repair Bird’s soffits, which are the undersides of the eaves running from the roof to the exterior wall.  The soffits originally deteriorated due to exposure to the weather, Eric Beattie, director of campus planning, design and construction, said in an email.

“Maintenance work like this is necessary, and students have been very tolerant of the equipment and work schedule,” Beattie said.

Construction work began in July and is scheduled to be completed before the end of November, said Terriruth Carrier, Syracuse University Libraries’ assistant dean for programs, analytics and facilities management. Beattie said the construction is very likely wrapping up on the side of Bird facing Schine Student Center.

“The project is nearly complete,” he said. “The goal is to be done by the time winter weather hits.”

Though the project has sometimes required walkways on the side of the library to be blocked when construction is going on, not many students have complained, Carrier said.

This construction comes after a series of recent construction projects at Bird. Beattie said the most recent renovations include a major elevator upgrade, which was completed two years ago, the entrance steps and walk-off grate being rebuilt two years ago and heating coils in the building getting replaced last year.

After construction on Bird’s roof wraps up, the next building project planned for the library is the construction of new classrooms in the lower level, which Beattie said will likely take place in 2014.

Carrier said no workers have been injured during the current construction work and no workers’ compensation claims have been filed in connection to the project. Beattie agreed and said he wasn’t aware of any issues involving worker injuries taking place.


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