Shafer uncomfortable commenting on compensating college athletes

Much ado has been made recently about whether college athletes should be compensated for their work.

Coaches have voiced their opinions, some in support and others against the idea. Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer doesn’t have any opinion, though. In fact, he said he doesn’t deserve to have an opinion yet.

That’s something he has to earn as a head coach.

“Maybe someday, when I’m respected enough as a head coach,” Shafer said, “I can weigh in on those things a little better.”

He said the matter is out of his control and not something he focuses on. Instead, his main concern is helping his team get better every day and practicing what he preaches to his players.

“There’s always going to be issues with how much, how little, all that back and forth,” Shafer said, “but I don’t feel comfortable or have a big opinion on that right now.”


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