Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar to become retro sports bar

CORRECTION: In a previous version of this article, one of the former names of Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar, as well as the order of the names, was misstated. Lucy’s used to be named Bugsy’s, then The Olive and the Orange and then Lucy’s. The Daily Orange regrets these errors.

Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar is going back in time as it converts into a retro Syracuse University-themed sports bar.

The bar, tentatively renamed The Orange, will have the same staff and owner, R.C. Faigle, who has owned Lucy’s for 18 years.  Faigle said he promises the same staff, quick service, reasonable specials and a lot of new additions.

The bar will be closed until a grand opening, which is tentatively set for the first home football game on Sept. 14, he said.

Faigle said SU’s entrance into the Atlantic Coast Conference inspired the change.

The Orange will continue Lucy’s SU legacy. For most of the past 78 years, the space has been home to various bars popular among SU students: First The Orange, then Bugsy’s, The Olive and the Orange and finally Lucy’s, Faigle said.

Faigle said the renovated bar will bring back the original spirit of The Orange, which operated from 1935-1979 and inspired the tentative name of the new bar. The bar will wear its connection to SU on its sleeve, with walls painted in vivid shades of orange and blue.

The bar’s signature fishbowls will remain on the menu with new names based on ACC mascots, Faigle said. A kitchen will be added during renovation and the bar will offer a small menu of pub food.


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