Hunt opens training camp as 1st-team quarterback

There was no doubt Jerome Smith, Prince-Tyson Gulley and Jarrod West would play with the first unit in Syracuse’s opening practice Monday.

The only question was who would serve as their quarterback.

The answer: Terrel Hunt.

Hunt, a sophomore, may not be the permanent answer, or even the short-term one, but he was Shafer’s choice to open camp after impressing last spring. He looked sharp in a very light walk-through Monday, completing passes to sophomore Ashton Broyld, who lined up at the H-back position, and  West, a junior wide receiver.

Oklahoma transfer Drew Allen, a senior, commanded the second unit in his first day in a Syracuse uniform, while junior John Kinder lined up with the third.

However, Shafer said the job is still wide open.

“Same as all the other positions,” Shafer said. “Before we kick off against Penn State we have to make a decision as to who our starters are.”

Allen, the former Sooner backup, didn’t throw passes further than 10 or 15 yards, but looked comfortable in the pocket. He high-fived teammates and clapped frequently, urging on his new teammates.

“The ball comes out good,” Shafer said of Allen. “He’s got ability.”


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