Hidden treasures: There’s more to campus than academic buildings

Andy Casadonte | Art Director

Knowing your way around campus is the key to not looking like a freshman. It means knowing where your classes are, but it also means knowing the ins and outs of the school. Check out our version of Syracuse University’s campus and read up on the tidbits you need to know to survive your time here.

— Compiled by the Pulp staff, pulp@dailyorange.com


Where: Fourth floor of E. S. Bird Library

What you’ll find: You might think going to the library will automatically help you get work done, but if you sit on the first three floors, you’re doing it wrong. Floors four and five are “quiet floors.” You’ll find the perfect study space to cram for a test in the study cubes hidden between bookshelves.

Where: People’s Place

What you’ll find: Underneath Hendricks Chapel is one of campus’ finest digs: People’s Place. This student-run, independent coffee shop is the only place on campus that serves Coke. But if you’re craving coffee, a dollar will make you holler. Since this is a nonprofit shop, fill up a large cup of Joe for only one buck.

Where: Goldstein Alumni & Faculty Center

What you’ll find: Once you discover this gem, there’s no going back. During the day, this building turns into an on-campus, sit-down restaurant. The best part? You can pay for your meal with your SUpercard Food allowance.

Where: Crouse College steps

What you’ll find: Unofficially nicknamed “Hogwarts,” Crouse College, which houses music students in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, is one of SU’s oldest buildings on campus. Its interior is dedicated to perfecting students’ passion for all things music — but its exterior didn’t get left out. There are 88 steps leading up to the building — the same number of keys on a piano.

Where: Panasci Lounge

What you’ll find: Hidden in plain sight on the second floor of the Schine Student Center awaits the perfect place to take a nap. Enter the building, head up the stairs on the left (it sits over the dining area) and pick one of the many couches or cushioned seats. It’s centrally located but just quiet enough to catch up on sleep between classes.

Where: SUArt Galleries

What you’ll find: The Syracuse University Art Collection currently houses more than 45,000 objects, including prints, paintings, photographs, sculptures and more. There is always a collection on display in the Shaffer Art Building, and it’s open to the public. Wander through the exhibits in between classes or, better yet, make time in your schedule to check it out. But keep coming back, because there’s no way to see everything in just one visit.

Where: Women’s Building

What you’ll find: Skip the crowds at Archbold Gymnasium and use the pool and basketball courts at the Women’s Building instead. It’s much easier to find a court for a pick-up game. As long as the scuba diving class isn’t practicing, you can use the pool to swim laps or float around.


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