Final Four

Syracuse police, DPS to increase presence during game

The Syracuse Police Department plans to patrol and use security cameras on Marshall Street for Syracuse University’s Final Four game this weekend.

With the help of SU’s Department of Public Safety, police will patrol Armory Square, the university neighborhood and Destiny USA, The Post-Standard reported on Wednesday.

Police are “preparing for the worst,” but aren’t expecting major problems after the games, SPD’s Sgt. Tom Connellan said in the article. He added that the weekend’s nice weather could also lead to bigger crowds.

The cameras will focus on the crowds, he said.

“Not only will people be held criminally responsible for their actions, but SU will also discipline students,” Connellan said in the article.

When SU won the NCAA championship in 2003, fans set fires on Marshall Street, climbed trees, broke parking meters and ran naked through the streets. In 2003, more than 100 police patrolled Marshall Street.

There were two dozen arrests during the Final Four weekend in 2003, Connellan said in the article.

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