Student Leadership Conference to apply class experience to real world

The Student Leadership Conference will teach the community how to apply knowledge from the classroom to the real world.

The conference, organized through Syracuse University’s Office of Student Activities and the Student Leadership Institute, is a one-day event that engages students on topics of professional development and character building, according to a Jan. 29 SU News Release. The theme of the second annual conference is “Real Talk. Real Action.” It will be held Feb. 9 in the Schine Student Center.

“I was a different person after attending the conference last year,” said Margaret Clevenger, an attendee of the first conference and now an active institute member. “It fostered a sense of self-confidence and enabled me to synthesize myself with the numerous opportunities that the campus has to offer.”

She added that the conference connected knowledge gained inside the classroom to the mechanisms of the world outside of it.

Students attending this event should expect an alteration in the way they perceive multiple aspects of college, Clevenger said. Besides free food, two keynote speakers and an abundance of networking opportunities, students will take part in activities that enhance their development beyond the classroom.

She added that the keynote speakers were chosen to match the theme of the conference.

The first speaker, Morris Morrison, is a renowned motivational speaker whose work was featured in several TEDx media conference events. He is also the owner of Morris Morrison Development Group, LLC, which helps organizations grow through inspiring products, according to the SU News release.

Donna Michelle Anderson is the second speaker. She has spent nearly two decades as a writer, producer, show runner and executive for dozens of top-rated television series on networks that include CBS, Bravo, Fox and BET, according to the release. She is also the founder of a social network for college-bound students called the CLIC Network.

The theme, “Real Talk. Real Action,” relates to the overall idea of the conference in that it allows students to interact and catch a glimpse of the “real world,” Clevenger said.

She recommended students attend the conference because it will be an intellectually stimulating environment with many opportunities for students to learn how to secure a brighter future.


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