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Slack: Young people should enjoy, appreciate time in their 20s

Recently, a BuzzFeed article kept showing up on my Facebook newsfeed called, “What It’s Like To Be A Twenty-something, As Told By ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘Bridesmaids,’ and ‘Girls.’” It was basically a collection of .gifs extolling how special and tortured we are as 20-somethings. The overall point? Being in your 20s is a beautiful tragedy on the level of an Allen Ginsberg poem.

“If you’re a twenty-something, you probably feel like this,” the writer writes, coupled with a picture of Allison Williams from “Girls” saying she’s never been more miserable in her life.

Seriously? Never more miserable in your life? Wait until you hit 80, Allison, because I bet that sucks.

Though this article is only a minor annoyance, it appears it is the symptom of a greater problem. Our generation is experiencing a Thought Catalog overload – blogs, television shows, books – everything is about how difficult it is to be young and entitled.

I happen to think this is a ridiculous notion, because who wouldn’t want to be young and entitled, really? Apparently a lot of people, because this article was all over my social media feeds for a solid week.

This, I cannot fathom. I cannot understand an outlook that says, “Man, having no responsibilities beyond my own well being and having tons of energy to party and work out and not be old is horrible.”

Is that a rational mindset? Do people really notenjoy being young?

I know we get tagged as a generation that takes things for granted, but old people always say things like that. Old people have been griping about young people since the 15th century.

Unfortunately, this time, I think the old folks probably have a point, because we have managed to complain about being young, cool and awesome.

Wow, guys. We are unpredictable, I will give us that much.

I’m compelled to wonder what the people who enjoyed and reposted this article would prefer as an alternative to being 20 years old. Would you rather be a child?

Let’s be honest, being a kid is terrible. You can’t drive, you can’t see R-rated movies or do literally anything that is fun or interesting. You’re just a short idiot who’s at the mercy of your parents.

And what about being old? Being 30? 40? 50? I don’t think I need to delve into the reasons why aging is a bad thing. You wrinkle. Can’t move very fast. Forget things. Have responsibilities.

Ever wonder why old people long for their youth again? Yeah, it’s because this time, right now, is probably one of the best times of your life.

Stop whining about how hard it is to be young and fun, everybody. It is absolutely the most ridiculous thing, ever. Go outside and run around or something. You can actually do whatever you want, because nobody cares and you have nothing to worry about. Also, you have time to make tons of mistakes without any long-term consequences. How cool is that?

Or, you can post some sad articles about what an artsy, suffering 20-something you are until you turn 30 and the world ends. Your call.

Kevin Slack is a senior television, radio and film major. His column appears weekly. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @kevinhslack.












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