Letter to the Editor

Libertarian party advocates against the government’s methods of taxation

When 36 Democratic- and Republican-controlled states ratified the 16th Amendment, they did not just implement an unconstitutional income tax, they changed the structure of our society – making you, and every working American, a slave to the U.S. government!

Here are the facts:

1894 Congress passed a bill authorizing an income tax to be levied upon working Americans.

1896 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that income tax was unconstitutional.

1909 Congress passed a bill authorizing the 16th Amendment.

1913 On Feb. 3, 1913, 36 Democratic- and Republican-controlled states ratified the 16th Amendment!

1916 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the 16th Amendment, and the income, are unconstitutional!

The 16th Amendment is unconstitutional because it gave Congress the unconstitutional authority to issue an unconstitutional tax, and it created a relationship between you and the government where government is now your master and 100 percent of everything you earn is the property of the U.S. government. When it was ratified, it became the unconstitutional law of the land. Your income is not yours. It belongs to the U.S. government. It is their money. They have the authority to tell you how much you may keep and how you must spend what they allow you to keep.

Consider for a moment this question: How would your life change if you never had to report your income or account for your expenses to government? Not for yourself! Not for your business!

The Democrats and Republicans knew income tax was unconstitutional and that an income tax would create an unconstitutional structure for society. They did not care then. They do not care today. Both parties relish the power the 16th Amendment gives them over you and they cherish the wealth it bestows upon government.

Wake up, America. The structure of society the U.S. Constitution was originally designed to create and preserve has been destroyed. Let’s end this income tax nightmare we live in. One political party has consistently advocated making this unconstitutional form of American slavery a thing of the past: the Libertarian party. You have a constitutional right to live free, and should never be forced to report your income to government. The Libertarian party advocates a better, fairer, more equitable way to fund government. Check them out. Help end American slavery once and for all. Join the Libertarian party.

Proud to be Libertarian,

Mark E. Glogowski, Ph.D.

Hamlin, N.Y.


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