Eight students arrested outside Schine Student Center early Sunday morning

Syracuse police arrested eight Syracuse University students outside of the Schine Student Center after breaking up a fight that occurred during a student dance party early Sunday morning.

Eight students were arrested on charges that included disorderly conduct, obstruction of government administration, resisting arrest and harassment.

A ninth student was arrested on charges of obstruction of government administration and harassment after he went to the police station to check on a friend and was accused of touching and rudely speaking to an officer.

It is not yet clear what started the fight, according to a Syracuse Police Department news release.

SPD Sgt. Tom Connellan said the arrests were for both fighting and interfering with arrests.

As the dance party was ending at about 1:45 a.m., SU Department of Public Safety officers, who were already at the event as scheduled security detail, shut down the event after several attendees began to fight, according to a statement from Kevin Quinn, senior vice president for public affairs, who also responded on behalf of DPS Chief Tony Callisto.

DPS officers instructed attendees, both SU students and students from neighboring colleges, to leave the building, according to the statement.

DPS called Syracuse police for assistance in breaking up the continuing confrontation, according to the release. When SPD arrived, hundreds of students were leaving Schine and several fights were taking place outside of the building, according to the release.

Students at the scene said they did not see any weapons used in the fights.

Officers faced resistance when they attempted to disperse the crowd, according to the release.

The dance party, called “Faded,” was scheduled for 11:30 p.m. in Goldstein Auditorium, according to the Schine Box Office website. “Faded” was the first collaborative party between the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations and the National Pan-Hellenic Council, according to the event’s Facebook page.

What started as a small fight in the center of the auditorium escalated quickly into a brawl as people joined in, said Sophia Little, a junior communications design major who attended the event.

Little said the situation became chaotic as the party broke up. Officers were cursing and yelling, she said, and people were trampled.

By the time officers started to use mace on students, the majority of the crowd had already left the auditorium, she said.

Michelle Desa, one of the arrested students, said the confrontations continued outside of Schine. Desa and other witnesses said they saw multiple smaller fights occurring in the area between Schine and E.S. Bird Library after the party broke up.

All of the arrests took place after the fight was over and the party had been shut down, said Nahum Ducasse, who was arrested. Ducasse said he was not involved in the initial altercation inside of Schine or any altercations outside the building.

“They arrested the absolute wrong people,” said Lawrence Jackson, another student arrested outside of Schine. “I don’t fight. I did not throw a punch. A punch was not thrown at me.”

Officers transported eight students to the Onondaga County Justice Center and booked them pending arraignment in Syracuse City Court, according to the SPD release.

All of the students spent the night in jail and were arraigned at9:30 Sunday morning.

The following students were arrested at Schine, according to police reports:

  • Onome Agbaza, a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, on a charge of disorderly conduct
  • Daniel Boivert, a student in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, on a charge of disorderly conduct
  • Alray Cromer, a student in VPA, on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of government administration, resisting arrest and harassment
  • Lawrence Jackson, a student in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, on a charge of disorderly conduct
  • Grant Mayes, a student in Arts and Sciences, on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of government administration, resisting arrest and harassment
  • Andre Sadler, a student in the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, on a charge of disorderly conduct
  • Michelle Desa, a student in Arts and Sciences, on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of government administration and resisting arrest
  • Nahum Ducasse, a student in the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science, on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of government administration, resisting arrest and harassment

Osarumewense Pat-Osagie, a student in Whitman, was arrested at the John C. Dillon Public Safety Building at 3:40 a.m.on charges of obstruction of government administration and harassment, according to police reports. Pat-Osagie said he went to check up on a friend, and was arrested after being accused of touching and rudely speaking to an officer.

—Editor in Chief Mark Cooper and Asst. Copy Editor Dylan Segelbaum contributed reporting to this article.

  • Bostonway

    Hmmm, could it be that this event mess and others like it are partly caused by: 1) Who is attending? And is connected to Cantor’s clear lowering of admission-standards for some groups, along with the push to bring in inner-city students to SU (lower levels of maturity, scruples, values, etc)? 2) SU’s support for and even sponsorship of large minority events? I know this is not PC, but heck this has happened at more than one minority gathering! By the way, why is SU spending time, money, and resources to support minority events-programs-departments to begin with? Can you image the reaction by minorities and liberals if there was an SU defined and sponsored (or at least supported) WASP party, club, or dept on campus?! The place would go crazy. The hypocricy and double-standard continues. Thank you Nancy for damaging SU’s reputation, quality, and learning-environment via your continued priority push for engineered diversity and community ‘one-world rainbow’ BS.

  • Disgruntled

    1) I commend Cantor for trying to bring more inner city kids to Syracuse. Just because they did not and could not afford to go to a nice, private high school or a nice, upper class high school does not mean that they do not deserve to be here as much as you do. Being from a low income neighborhood does not determine that you have lower levels of maturity, values, or morals.

    2) SU is spending money on minorities because believe it or not it is hard to stay in an environment dominated by white people. It is intimidating, especially if all of your life you have been surrounded by others like you. Try being the only white person in a classroom full of blacks and see if you like how it feels. Try going for a job interview and being judged on your color. Try going through spring recruitment and to become part of a panhellenic sorority or fraternity and feeling like you don’t belong throughout the entire process. Minority organizations help keep SU diverse because if it were up to people like you, none of us would be here.

    Do not blame the acts of a few on an entire population. I have been to plenty of fraternity parties, that are mostly composed of white people, where fights have broken out and people have gotten hurt. It makes me so happy to know that racism is still alive and well in Syracuse (in case you could not tell, that was sarcasm).

  • Bostonway

    I refuse to be PC and ignore the facts like you. So, this is what you are supporting… 1) For SU to have very different admission-standards based on race? (vs being race blind). 2) SU’s mission should be to ‘help the poor and correct society’ (vs focus on better and improved learning for all), and you are okay with a drop in SU’s rank and reputation. 3) SU to spend money and resources on certain racial-ethnic groups that defacto exclude others? e.g. Office of Muliculturism, Black Reuions, etc (vs for all students…seems to me this alone causes resentment) 4) It’s wrong to point out that more than one minority event has resulted in violence. (Hmmm, there must be outstanding students that are attending and the cheese is causing the problems?) 5) It’s wrong to question the caliber of some students coming to SU (even though a much larger ratio of weaker black and hispanic students attend and just don’t make it…I saw the stats. It has to be those evil whites causing this!). Bottom line: liberals and minorites dismiss facts and reality that don’t support their feel-good (yet clearly racist and double-standard) agenda!

  • JDL278

    Boston- you’re clearly privileged, ignorant, unaware, and racist.

  • Amazing isnt it? White kids can do crazy shit and almost kill someone or rape someone at a greek house and do we question admission policy?…but black and Latinos kids have a fight…then there is something wrong with admission standards? Shut up.

    This is one dance party fight in about 4 years at SU. Go look at the list of delinquent behavior across campus before you start talking about things you do not know.

  • Disgruntled

    I am not ignoring the facts. I agree that admission should be race blind. All the students that are accepted here deserve to be here. The reason why there is a large ratio of black and hispanic students who don’t make it is not because they are not smart or did not do well in high school. Some of these students do outstanding in high school, they get straight A’s and engage in extracurricular activities. Once they get to college, they do not do as well because they find that the education is to a different caliber than they were accustomed to. They then start to feel like they are not cut out for college and can not make it. Being a minority on campus can make you feel out of place and unsupported. This leads to poor academic progress. These programs are designed to help those students find a home away from home where they feel supported. The Office of Multicultural Affairs offers free tutoring and connects minority students with upperclassmen who have been able to succeed on campus.

    I am not saying that everything is the fault of white people, do not misinterpret me. I am saying that everyone needs support and some need more support than others. You probably feel very supported on this campus and that is great for you, but do not dismiss the importance of supporting diversity. Some students have to work that much harder than others.

    The issue I have with your comment is that you are making the violent actions of a few students characterize an entire population as violent, stupid, immoral, and unequal to the privileged. It is not racist to create programs where the minority populations are targeted. Programs are created because there is a need for them. OMA is around because people still need it.

  • Enlightenment

    Bostonway represents the dying demographic of the US.

    Still vehemently opposed to mutual inclusion within our educational system

    Still convinced ‘minorities’ are less than equal, with lower values

    I pity you and your ignorance. You are damaging the university’s reputation. You fear the word MULTICULTURAL or anything similar.

    In your mind, multicultural is the same as minority.

    When in reality, it encompasses ALL cultures. People like you are afraid to associate, leave your comfort zones, and engage. However, are always the first to point the finger to those darn multicultural millennials, they CLEARLY are the problem as they seek educational advancement in a society still recovering from the installation of racially biased institutions

    I’ve said enough. Go back into your cave and keep trying to convince us that President Obama is a Iranian sleeper cell.

  • Enlightenment

    Bostonway represents the dying demographic of the US.

    Still vehemently opposed to mutual inclusion within our educational system

    Still convinced ‘minorities’ are less than equal, with lower values

    I pity you and your ignorance. You are damaging the university’s reputation. You fear the word MULTICULTURAL or anything similar.

    In your mind, multicultural is the same as minority.

    When in reality, it encompasses ALL cultures. People like you are afraid to associate, leave your comfort zones, and engage. However, are always the first to point the finger to those darn multicultural millennials, they CLEARLY are the problem as they seek educational advancement in a society still recovering from the installation of racially biased institutions

    I’ve said enough. Go back into your cave and keep trying to convince President Obama is a Iranian sleeper cell.

  • SpeakUP

    You are so ignorant. You have no idea what you are talking about and you should be ashamed to be lacking so much intelligence. How dare you correlate Syracuse’s drop in rankings to the acceptance of minorities. YOU are one of the reasons why this society does not progress.

    Educate yourself, there have been hundreds of successful events hosted by minority groups that have not resulted in any nonsense (over the course of many years). There are hundreds of minorities who have and are still giving so much to Syracuse University. Your charges lack meat, they lack evidence, all you have is a stereotypical, jaded mindset, that is flawed and screams stupidity. AND for your information, these parties don’t say BLACK ONLY, many whites just choose not to come. Once again, educate yourself before you speak.


  • Not at ease

    It is really disgusting to me that this campus is still full of racism. As a white member of this community, I am in complete awe when I read things like this. First of all, the students that you are labeling as inner city are just that. They are from inner cities. Inner city is not a synonym for bad. Inner city does not mean violent or abusive. It does not mean Black or Latino. It is simply the fact-these young adults grew up in a city. The very best people that I’ve met at this school are from inner city NY. The Bronx, Washington Heights. I am white. I grew up in a very wealthy neighborhood and was fortunate enough to be born into a family that had a decent amount of money. My parents are able to pay for my school, and for that I am incredibly blessed. However, this is not everyones experience. Without these programs set up by Cantor, people who have the ability to become more than what society would label them as, would never have the resources to do so. Many of the people that go through programs like HEOP have proven themselves as active members on this college campus. This conversation stems from a long line of racist views and I for one am disgusted. Basing the color of someones ability to succeed on the color of their skin or where they grew up- that is bias. I sit next to white people everyday in class that should not be here. They are here on the sole fact that their parents donated a lot of money or something similar. This isn’t the case for everyone. Just like it isn’t the case of everyone in Cantors programs to be the reason this University is decreasing its academic rating. We are all in this together.

    Besides all of that-Latino and Black Fraternities and Sororities allow these students to become involved in something outside of themselves. Just like all other organizations on campus. I promise you that ALL organizations have these same things happen every weekend. It is not fair or right for you to label this as the only reason Syracuse is failing.

    To my very best friends that are hurt or offended by comments like this- I am incredibly sorry. You are not a statistic and you will not be labeled as anything less than. I am proud of where you come from and even more proud of where you will end up. I believe that you have the ability to change the world. Hopefully someday we will put an end to all of the racism that you encounter on a daily basis.

  • Bostonway

    Nice spin and saying what I didn’t say. You can’t resond to any of my points with facts and objectivity. Example? Is it right to have very different admission standards based on race? When I worked for SU, I saw the stats…huge differences in SAT and GPA’s. You hide behind your do-good BS with hypocricy and double-standards; that in the end does no one any good, including minorities and SU.
    I want race blind admissions. I want equal opportunity, but no special treatment. I want the focus to be on educational merit, not affirmative action. I want SU and Cantor concerned with SU, not how the community is feeling. I want SU’s ranking and reputation to improve, not to drop. Hmmm, and just about everything you want is the other direction? Who’s focus and priorites are better for SU in the long run? Gee, this is hard.

  • Bostonway

    Bad white kids shouldn’t be at SU either. Let’s see…two large minority parties with major violence in the past 12 mos both sponsored and supported by SU. Any large primarily white parties having the same issues? Proprotionally, your trend is not looking good. But, as suggested, the cause must be the cheese?! It can’t be who’s showing up! By the way frats are private and have about the same amount of ‘delinquest behavior’ as non-frat students (study shared in my frat alum book years ago). Lib’s like you just find it’s easy to blame a specfic group (especially white guys)… like you claim I’m doing. Nice try though.

  • Bostonway

    No, I’m honest, objective, non-PC, and saying what you don’t want to hear or believe.

  • Black&Orange

    SU spends money and resources on all types of under represented populations not just racial/ethnic groups hence the LBGT Resource Center and Hillel so your point… well you don’t really have one.

    Ohhhh a minority event resulted in violence… guess what… COLLEGE EVENTS often result in violence. It’s wrong to point the finger at a multicultural event when white frat boys get in to fights ALL THE TIME. This is news for one reason… Black/Latino Orgs have their events in the Schine and predominately white greeks have their parties at their houses which are on private property so when fights and stuff break out it’s not a University matter.

    Also please don’t confuse racial programs with racism.

  • Bostonway

    I love the spin, the apology, the heart-felt caring. However, it doesn’t change facts and reality. SU is very biased in admissions and treatment based on race. Again, I worked for SU. I saw very different SAT’s and GPA’s based on race (very different!), skewed $’s going to inner-city weak HS students (hint they were not white), skewed support for muliculturial depts and events (tell us how the Black and Latino Reunions sponsorsed by SU benefits all students?), affirmative-action hiring disasters (hint: SA mgt), and the protection of very liberal and racist profs (Boyce Watkins). Bottom line: Insert ‘white’ for minority / black in any of the above, and you would scream racism and unfair treatment! The hypocricy, bias, and denial continues.

  • Bostonway

    See below and learn the truth…

  • Bostonway

    Typical liberal-minority… when you can’t use facts and reality, you get nasty.

  • More than one “minority event” has resulted in violence. Hmmmm how about the rapes that have been documented in the all-white frats for YEARS. Yet there is never a cry for shutting those frats down are there? And there a plenty of offices, organizations and initiatives to promote MULTICULTURALISM(aka..more than one culture, you know, what the world is.) You just dont see the bigger picture , do yo? How many inner-city kids you know get access to the same things as white students by large? What I’m speaking of is how many get AP classes, paid tutoring, etc in HIGH SCHOOL? Close to zero. I came from a school in Brooklyn that barely had a class field trip, you know where I ended up at? Graduated with a 3.0+ GPA and I’m Black. So yes there are proportionally different admission standards just how most of the white students in Syracuse can afford to go to the school as opposed to alot of the minorities.

    Let me ask you, if a school wants to see AP scores and extracirriculars but ALOT of inner-city schools dont provide that are you suggesting that those inner-city students should go to lower level schools thus continuing the cycle of underachieving? Or should those students who worked hard, had above average grades and a willingness to learn get a chance at a private institution which, as much as I love it, overprices for its education?

    Also, you can hide behind your anonymity and claim you saw documents of this and stats of that but so can anyone with an IP address and a half functioning brain. Also..

    When did Multiculturalism mean just “Black and Latino”. Do you not see how even your mentality is coded in race.

    Here’s the big question..what do you..almighty Bostonway think should be the fix? Should we also take out the frats who have accused and proven to have raped many young women? Should we kick all the unruly Black people out of Cuse?

    Please, enlighten us because all you seem to do is complain without a solution.

  • Gabriel

    The ignorance some of you possess.. Simply wow.

  • Bostonway

    Three points…
    1) Why is SU spending our money for specific sexual or ethic group events that I “can’t” attend (don’t even try to say ‘yes you can’). SU should not spend any money support a WASP group either because (by its name and requirements) it’s exclusionary. It can exist, but should not be funded with SU money. 2) Sure college events can cause problems. Question is what events are having the most problems…large minority events aren’t doing very well. Hmmm, must be in the cheese. 3) Please point out these many frat boy fights… dates and specifics please? 4) White (and black) greek houses and parties are private with no SU funds. 5) Any individual or organization that preferences (or degrates) one racial group above another is racist. You are the one that’s confused.

  • Bostonway

    You are ignoring the facts… SU and many colleges drop admission standards in big ways to bring in blacks and latinos. Sure they might come from bad HS’s, BUT it’s not SU’s job to make up for this by lowering what’s expected. Heck, fix the bad public schools! SU is a private university, not a community college. I’m all for diversity, but not the engineered compromised (affirmative-action) kind.

  • SUAlumni

    I am a 100% Caucasian alumni and I am disgusted at the amount of small minded “facts” you claim to present based on your clear lack of life long experience and well rounded knowledge of the education system. Well let me tell you something..most “minorities” are given in unfair advantage since they begin school. Lets reverse the roles and place a majority of white children in communities that lack resources, funding and money to give these kids a well rounded education with the necessary skills to be challenged and pushed to attend higher education. And tell me you would be okay with not letting these students have a great college because they have low grades and no money, and the rich privileged blacks and latinos attend all the prestigious universities and therefore get jobs right after graduation. Tell me you would sit there and agree with this kind of process in place, who doesn’t even want those students who can succeed get a chance of doing so. If you want to discuss fair advantage do some research first. I was raised in a community that lacked such resources, and went to a high school where they encouraged students to get their GED rather than go to college because it took less effort on the part of educators to offer someone an easier way out rather than push students and work with them and their schedules to strive for a high school degree.. Why? Because teachers would have to do that on their own time. And I have seen cases after cases of students who struggled throughout life (whether it was because they were stuck in this cycle or they had to help support their family, or could not make their first class because they had to walk a sibling to school because a parent was not present , or all the above) who got the opportunity to get a higher education (their
    grades might have been low because of such circumstances ) and graduated with more than one degree. Don’t you dare come here talking about fair and opportunity if you have never been on the other side of things where you strive
    to do so much but you have a glass ceiling that you continue to hit no matter what you do. SU gave me an opportunity and a chance to leave that vicious cycle. I went from one of the 4 worst high schools in Queens to graduating from
    a prestigious school. I did not have SAT programs offered to me, i could not even afford the cost of applications to college. My parents are immigrants who could not afford such luxuries (which to others are a basic standard in their lives) And so what if Syracuse rank dropped, ask me if anyone cared where I
    really attended when i interviewed and got a job at the #2 cancer hospital in the country. And pointing fingers at a population of people based on choices a few idiots made makes you a very intelligent individual. Lets not look at all the white frat boys who have raped and drugged hundreds of women throughout the years, and the amount of drugs that circles within those organizations who claim their purpose is to do something great I’m communities. How about you update your knowledge and enter the 21st century. Because we have a black president, interracial marriages, women in office, and gay marriage.

  • IvoryTower

    mmmmm delicious flawed discourse. More please! My belly craves it.

  • Bostonway

    Nice thoughts. So the bottom line for you is…have very different admission standards to ensure minorites get into college and stay in college because many go to weaker HS’s and have difficult backgrounds. Yea, that’s a great solution. We compromise HS standards and expectations, and now college. Shall do the same for minorities going to grad and med school? How about jobs? How about life (ensure food, housing, medical, etc as well)? Ahh, my mistake, the last one we are doing more and more of, and what a dependency mess it has created! Finally, please point out a few of 100’s of frat boy bad situations at SU that are different and much more extreme than what the average college population is doing.

  • Bostonway

    By the way, you say put an end to all this racism… I agree. Start with what is happening at SU and other colleges (see below). And because you support it, start with yourself. Get a clue: giving any group or individual advantages (or barriers) based on race is racism. Liberals just can’t see or don’t want to see that it works both ways. I want things to be 100% race blind and race neutral (race is a non-issue), you do not. Who’s the racist?

  • Adam

    I have read every single one of your posts/replies and here are a few questions. You are saying you understand that inner city minorities have very different lives than than “doesnt matter what color” students from privileged backgrounds but do not feel that SU should “risk” its name to help such students, right? Why do you believe SU does this? Who do you think should do it? Should it even be done? Do you believe SU shouldn’t do this because it “make things look bad” for the privileged students who attend/graduate from there? If not then why do you believe so?Are you saying that these minorities with less than perfect education should settle for community schools/should not go to schools like SU? Who do you believe should go to schools like SU? What is the role of SU in the grand scheme of things? Do you feel like society is un-biased to everyone? (Before and after college) Do you know what it feels like to be a minority? Do you know what it feels like to be underrepresented? How do you feel about the minority students with those said lower scores that come to SU and excel like everyone else?

  • Ugh, really?

    You’re still the racist.

    I usually don’t like feeding trolls, but this whole “you’re racist if you’re not colorblind” rhetoric is really tired and flawed. That would be true if we didn’t live in a society that for centuries discriminated AGAINST races of people. Race in this country has always been an issue. Centuries of white wealth and privilege built upon the genocide of native people and the slavery of blacks can’t be undone with a snap of your fingers, though that would be nice. Things can’t all of a sudden be race blind and equal until they actually ARE equal. Until then, you should take very deliberate steps to even the playing field. Anything less is upholding systemic white supremacy and privilege, which is racist.

    Here’s some quick reading (which they supplemented with links to studies and news articles) for you that attempts to explain the lives of people of color from birth. It does focus mostly on the black demographic, but it’s a start.

    And I really can’t take your word for it yet that admitting more urban students and students of color lower SU’s rank (which…what is that based on, really? Who’s ranking it? What’s the methodology for rank and reputation?). I don’t know much about all of the statistics at SU, but I’d like to see the numbers for athletes and legacy students, which are more long standing forms of Affirmative Action than the admittance of marginalized groups (LGBTQA, people of color, folks with disabilities, etc). A quick Google search and I found that legacy students make up 10 to 25% of the student body at selective institutions and get a significant advantage over non-legacy students (a 20-45% increase in probability of admittance). One study compared it to adding 160 points to an SAT score. I also learned that researchers at Princeton found that students of color admitted under Affirmative Action don’t receive unusually low grades in college and perform on par with other students of color who met or exceeded institutional requirements, but legacy students admitted with lower scores tend to struggle more so than legacy students who met institutional requirements. I haven’t begun to look for studies about athletes, but perhaps I will, now.

  • Bostonway

    Do you ask too many questions? Some of which I’ve already answered.

  • Bostonway

    Try again… 1) Giving any group or individual advantages based on their race is racism. SU does this in many clear ways, and you support it. I do not. You are a racist. 2) You cherry-picked stats. Look at success rates of blacks and hispanics in 4 year colleges vs whites and asians. Look at their SAT scores and grades. Clear differences; many should NOT be in a 4-year college that are including at SU (I didn’t say most). Unless, of course, you feel lowering standards for entire groups is a good thing. 3) You propgate the belief that minorities ‘just can’t make it’ today without advantages. Does the words ‘enablement and dependency’. Yup.

  • Ugh, really?

    Womp womp WRONG.

    1) I believe the word you’re looking for is prejudice (which really doesn’t still even fit because SU is trying to be INCLUSIVE not exclusive). Racism is a pattern of racial discrimination that is institutionalized through an entire culture. In short it’s prejudice plus power. The power is given overwhelmingly to white people, anyone can see that when they look at congress or the racial mix of top executives in business. That power is seen in the ability to normalize whiteness as the “default”. White students attending college is seen as “normal” which is why no one thinks to ask why they are letting all the white students in when some white college student does something ridiculous. If you really refuse to see how the cards are stacked against people of color then, well, you’re not really for “truth” as much as you’d like to think you are.

    2) I didn’t really cherry-pick anything. I did a Google search about legacy admissions and did another one for Affirmative Action and found (on the first page of results) that some researchers found that when students of color are admitted with scores lower than the institutional average, they still perform on par WITH OTHER STUDENTS OF COLOR. I will correct it and say “black” now, as the statistic cited black students, not students of color overall. Still really doesn’t change what I said before though, as they aren’t comparing them to white students overall…just legacy. There are other cases of preferential treatment in admissions, and you placing the blame squarely on black and latino students when there are also athletes and legacy students (who struggle more and leave more than students of color when they fall short of the institutional requirements) are other culprits to your “lower standard” metric. Anyway, the programs put in place to help students who belong to marginalized groups adjust and stay in school are actually designed to IMPROVE the rankings. Princeton Review base their rankings on student surveys and USNews base theirs on mostly student retention and faculty resources.

    3) And here we go. The ol’ “people of color can’t make it without being dependent” attack. You really aren’t very original. That’s the awesome (sarcasm) thing about racism. It takes perfectly capable and smart people and systematically stacks the cards against them. You can be a pretty awesome poker player, but you’ll be hard pressed to win in a game when the cards are stacked for your opponent. When white convicts are more likely to be hired than blacks with NO CRIMINAL RECORD and with equal qualifications, you can’t tell me it’s the fault of the black man. The fault is with the system. The fault is with racism. The programs are in place to correct that. It’s not “enablement and dependency”, it’s realizing that for CENTURIES there have been unfair advantages given to white people and now it’s time to even the playing field.

    Your move.

  • Siera Thomas

    why cant you attend these events? oh that’s simply because you choose not to. I do not fall under any ethnic group that the party on Saturday was hosting, I am probably ” whiter” than you are and I had no problem attending. And as for a sexual group event, the LGBTQ community would welcome you with open arms unlike if they were to try and attend any event you or your disgusting type of people hosted. You can continue to hate and be the racist individual that you are but anyone is welcome at any african american and latino event.

  • Siera Thomas

    and you clearly lack something in your life and are feeding off of the attention you are getting right now.

  • RightCoastLexSteele

    Well since you work there, you surely remember the frat house party that ended with someone catching an 8ball in a sock to the head…or maybe you don’t..whatever…

  • Adam

    So you avoid the others … nice. You can quote stats to fit your argument but you cant answer a few simple questions. A simple yes/no or a short answer would have sufficed for the ones you have not already spoken to. Not only did you prove that you are arrogant, a subjective bigot, and clueless as to what racism is, you are also a COWARD. You make all of this talk about minority/liberals not wanting to hear your perspective, but what do you think you are doing to ours? You have the right to think the way you do, i cant blame you for that. You are a coward because you have not tried to challenge your view, no matter what you do, no matter how much you try to solidify your point with statistics it will be skewed in the end. You are not for the truth , because you obviously have no appeal. Good day racist.

  • Commenter73

    So because white people had ancestors who committed crimes against humanity, they should suffer for the sins of their ancestors?

    And give me a break, the most powerful person in the world is a black man

  • Ugh, really?

    How are white people suffering?

  • Bostonway

    You can bark all you want regarding causes. Prejustice or racism, who cares? My correct points still apply. I want equal opportunity for all races, but also equal standards and but NO special treatment. You do. You are the racist. Any other point of view is hypcritical. You would be screaming if while males were given ANY form of preferential treatment, yet you are fine when other groups are.

  • Bostonway

    How about the white HS kid who doesn’t get into SU who has clearly higher SAT’s, grades, and more difficult HS courses than the minority kid who does? How about the affirmative-action hiring disasters that SU and many companies make (went with the weaker minority candidate)? Examples: SA mgt and my company. Love the hypocricy… if it was reversed, you would be screaming racism and prejustice!

  • Ugh, really?

    And what about the same kid who doesn’t get in because of a white legacy student? or athlete? Seems you just want to focus on students of color with their “lower levels of maturity, scruples, values”. Yup. You’re def a grade A racist.

    And I’d like to see the numbers of just how many white qualified students were rejected compared to less qualified students of other races.

    And if we’re talking about white people struggles, let’s talk about how when they DO make it to Syracuse or some other college…there won’t be a horde of racists waiting to tell them how much they don’t belong at SU and that they are morally bankrupt. They won’t be bombarded on a daily basis with racist microaggressions.

    While I do think that a more racially diverse campus (hopefully less segregated in the future) is great, I DO think a bit less emphasis on race and more emphasis on income or class would be awesome. But I don’t know. I don’t work in admissions.

  • Ugh, really?

    And you can bark all you want about your flawed points. There is not equal opportunity. White people have special treatment across the board. Without a focused effort to combat the effects of white PRIVILEGE and white SUPREMACY, white people will continue to enjoy preferential treatment everywhere. Affirmative Action is meant to combat white privilege (and other forms of privilege) and give other people a chance to enjoy the same stuff white people have been entitled to their entire existence.

    I’ll say it again, since you keep missing it. WHITE PEOPLE HAVE PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT, ALREADY! You can see it if you look at our government, our corporations, our prisons, our hospitals, our media, and yes, even our schools.

    I can only imagine if programs like this didn’t exist and people thought like you (which plenty do), and said things like how certain groups of people and inner city kids have “lower levels of maturity, scruples, values”, would they ever get in?

    If you don’t see how white people have preferential treatment by default (you can google stuff if you don’t want to read the links I provided), then you are more out of touch with reality then you’d think. I’m already screaming BECAUSE white males have been getting preferential treatment for centuries. Why do you think women and people of color have so much to say about it? White men can give up some of that privilege and special treatment. They’ll be fine.

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