’18 and older’ night at Marshall Street bar could only increase underage drinking

DJ’s On the Hill’s “18 and older” nights will not benefit the Syracuse University campus or community. Bringing underage individuals into an environment where alcohol is being served to patrons could only increase the underage drinking problem in the university area.

Last Tuesday, DJ’s hosted its first “18 and older” night. An outside, local security agency, Spectrum Security, was hired to control the entrance and dance floor, but loopholes still exist.

The wristband and stamp system the bar is using to differentiate between individuals who are of drinking age and those under it could be tampered with. Even if underage individuals do not attempt to remove the stamps or gain access to wristbands, they are still in close proximity to a bar serving alcohol.

Many SU students who fall into the category being targeted are underclassmen. Partying and enjoying nightlife on a Tuesday could disrupt students’ studies and other obligations.

Many bars in the Marshall Street area attract underage individuals to attempt to enter with fake identification. The “18 and older” nights could draw in local residents even younger than 18 with the same motive, opening up another issue.

The owner of DJ’s, Dean Whittles, told The Daily Orange he wanted to provide underage individuals with a safe place they could dance and mingle. The situation and system must be guarded closely, as it still lends itself to underage individuals getting closer to alcohol and could create a larger issue at SU.


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