SU, athletics should make legal troubles policy public

In light of the two recent student-athlete arrests, followed by a blanket statement made by football head coach Doug Marrone, Syracuse University’s athletic department should make its policy on dealing with student-athletes and legal troubles public.

The news of the arrests of football players Steve Rene and Marquis Spruill came just hours before SU’s bowl game was announced. For the football program and the fans, the arrests made what should have been a joyous moment bittersweet.

SU athletics and other university officials have long said athletes at SU receive no special treatment. Spruill and Rene are headed to court on Dec. 19, 10 days before Syracuse is scheduled to play in the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. As of publication, both Spruill and Rene are still part of the football team and any discipline from SU has not been made public.

Officials should make their process of dealing with student athletes who face legal charges public. Fans and students should know what to expect when athletes are in trouble, instead of being left in the dark.

The athletics department may treat legal cases individually or there may be a blanket punishment for whenever an athlete gets in trouble. Regardless of which one SU uses, the information should be public and accessible to prove there is a method behind the treatment.

Instead of a blanket statement by head coaches every time an athlete gets in trouble, fans, students and the general public deserve more knowledge of the situation


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