City officials should finalize Corridor maintenance plans

As the Connective Corridor construction continues and draws to a close, local city officials will begin to take control of its maintenance and upkeep.

Certain aspects of the maintenance plan were organized and prepared for, but it is troubling that the plan is not fully in place.

The city is responsible for plowing the bike lanes and maintains lighting along the route. The county will be responsible for maintaining environmentally friendly infrastructure.

But there are other aspects – such as watering, weeding and pruning trees – that have not been discussed yet. These tasks may fall to property owners and not under the city or county jurisdiction.

This project has been in the works since 2005 and is a tremendous endeavor for Syracuse University and the city. It is alarming that city officials don’t have a maintenance plan fully set in place. With all the money, time and hard work going toward the project, it would be a disservice if the city does not have a proper way to maintain and upkeep it.

The plan for maintenance should have been set in stone before the construction began. There’s no point in beginning an expensive project if it will fall into disarray immediately.

Phase one of the Connective Corridor construction ended earlier this year. In the remaining two phases of the project, officials must solidify plans on how to maintain and upkeep the Connective Corridor so it can be effectively utilized by both the SU community and the city residents.


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