Baby it’s cold outside: As winter weather settles in, now’s the time to bundle up and still look sharp

Once the last few remaining weeks of the semester and finals are done, sweatpants and sweatshirts can be shed in exchange for a variety of wintery wonderland outerwear.

After weeks of walking around in pajamas and baggy jeans, some crisp styles to match the air outside will be a refreshing relief. It will be time to turn to the newest jackets, boots and scarves of the season, and to get ready to venture out into the cold. J Michael Shoes on Marshall Street has a variety of options and is just down the road.

For days of the season that aren’t cold, however, a vest is just right. This Penfield jacket vest coupled with the blue and orange flannel blouse works perfectly for a hiking or camping trip planned during break. For guys, the Patagonia vest works with the green and black plaid to match. Top it off with some rugged jeans and formidable Timberland hiking boots and not even the muddiest of trails will ruin the style.

Not every outing is going to be as rough and ready as hiking in the woods — sometimes there will be a night on the town with the sweetheart. Going out in suave winter wear –such as sleek plaid and brightly colored scarves from V Fraas and Soulscarf, Sorel and Ugg boots and North Face coats – will be the key to a stylish and successful night out.

When you’re with friends, show off having a fun time and a cozy vibe. The Ugg boots and the jeans work perfectly with any sort of T-shirt and Broner mittens combination. The snug Patagonia fleece jacket and V Fraas scarf accent each other with their light colors and their warmth.


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