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Syracuse University officials announce 7 Board of Trustee members to join search for next chancellor

Joanne Alper, vice chair of the Board of Trustees, will head the search committee

Seven members from the Syracuse University Board of Trustees will serve on the committee to select the next chancellor.

Board Chairman Richard Thompson announced the selected board members through SU News on Thursday. Thompson asked Joanne Alper, vice chair of the Board, to chair the search committee. Alper is a 1972 alumna and retired judge.

Six other trustees will serve on the committee: Peter Horvitz ’76, Christine Larsen G’84, Robert Miron ’59, Judith Mower ’66, G’73, G’80, G’84, Deryck Palmer ’78 and Reinaldo Pascual ’85. Thompson will serve as an ex officio member and Elizabeth Breul O’Rourke, secretary to the Board, will serve as secretary to the search committee.

Chancellor Nancy Cantor announced on Oct. 12 that she plans to leave the university when her contract expires in 2014. The search to find SU’s 12th chancellor is expected to take between a year and a year and a half.

Thompson met with Senate Agenda Committee Chair Bruce Carter in October to discuss recommending faculty, students and staff for the committee. The Board formally establishes the search committee to select the next chancellor after consulting with the University Senate’s Agenda Committee on representation.

According to university bylaws, the committee must have “appropriate representation to students, faculty, exempt staff and trustees.”

Carter asked faculty in Wednesday’s senate meeting to consider nominations to the committee. He said he expected there to be about 20 people on the committee, including two undergraduates and one graduate student, with about an equal representation between the Board and faculty.

Once the senate committee completes and delivers its recommendations for review by the Board, a schedule of next steps will be released in December.

  • Bostonway

    It is critical NOT to let the liberals / minorities hijack the search committee! They will push as the number-one hiring criteria… candidates who are heavily into engineered diversity and PCness (i.e., lowering admission standards based on race, affirmative-action hiring resulting in weak staff members, a one-sided viewpoint campus, wrongly focusing on the community vs the university, paying for racist departments like the Office of Multiculism, etc, etc,). And because no member would ever think of confronting this position (would be instantly be labeled a racist or sexist), SU hires Cantor II. The Search Committee needs to bring in the person who will imporve learning for ALL students, will stop the special treatment, and will increase SU’s public rank and reputation!

  • commonsense

    Hey, Bostonway.

    You must have really enjoyed your time at Syracuse (and in Boston). Take a breath, then take a look around you. If you’re still breathing, hit yourself in the side of the head and take a step into what, for you, will be a brave new world. The America you think you love is the result of people of many colors, ethnic and religious groups all contributing. Your post doesn’t.

  • Bostonway

    Hey Commonsense (ironically you are just the opposite),
    I want SU to be race blind in admissions (you do not), to hire the best person for the job regardless of race / gender (you do not), to treat all students equally with no special treatment (you do not), to stop compromising standards based on race (you do not), to not fund race based events / depts (you do not), to have balanced viewpoints on campus (you do not), etc, etc. Hmmm, who’s position makes SU a better place of learning? This is hard.

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