Student Association

Meet the Student Association presidential candidates

Sam Maller | Asst. Photo Editor

The four candidates for Student Association president, from left: PJ Alampi, Allie Curtis, Iggy Nava, Kyle Coleman.

Student Association elections begin on Monday and carry on through Thursday. This year, there are four candidates.

The candidates range from an SA vice president, Allie Curtis, to a student with four majors, Kyle Coleman. Another candidate, PJ Alampi, announced his intention to run through a flash mob, and the fourth candidate, Iggy Nava, has lived in five different countries.

Here are their profiles:

PJ Alampi: Pledges to connect Syracuse University with upbeat nature, deep passion

Kyle Coleman: Takes unorthodox path to candidacy, aims to bring change to general assembly

Allie Curtis: Promises to use experience as vice president to speak for entire student body

Iggy Nava: Looks to use distinct background to bridge gaps between diverse student groups


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