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Meet the Student Association presidential candidates

Sam Maller | Asst. Photo Editor

The four candidates for Student Association president, from left: PJ Alampi, Allie Curtis, Iggy Nava, Kyle Coleman.

Student Association elections begin on Monday and carry on through Thursday. This year, there are four candidates.

The candidates range from an SA vice president, Allie Curtis, to a student with four majors, Kyle Coleman. Another candidate, PJ Alampi, announced his intention to run through a flash mob, and the fourth candidate, Iggy Nava, has lived in five different countries.

Here are their profiles:

PJ Alampi: Pledges to connect Syracuse University with upbeat nature, deep passion

Kyle Coleman: Takes unorthodox path to candidacy, aims to bring change to general assembly

Allie Curtis: Promises to use experience as vice president to speak for entire student body

Iggy Nava: Looks to use distinct background to bridge gaps between diverse student groups

  • TheTruth

    PJ Alampi: There is no gap between the student body and SA. If you actually understood the student body, you would understand that the average student only cares about his free bus from Schine to the airport/bus station on holidays and funding for his/hers student organization. In my three years at Syracuse I have never heard one student ever complaining that he/she was disconnected from SA. Students don’t care about SA because you guys either make up problems that don’t exist or try and solve ones that you can’t.

    Kyle Coleman: SA cannot fix segregation on this campus. It is a problem, but the core issues that cause it are not ones SA can fix and should stop trying. The only thing relevant in your platform to the average student is the attempt to increase student safety, which we can all agree is a problem.

    Allie Curtis: If I remember clearly you were part of the last administration that clearly violated your own codes when you chose to spend $4,000 of student’s funds so you could have an SA formal. I’m sure there were plenty or organizations on campus that could have used that money last year to do something positive instead of you throwing a party for yourselves. The fact that no one brings this up or just shows how little the average student cares about SA. As for your platform, exactly how are you going to “strive” to make jobs and internships available for students? This is a perfect example of someone promising something that they cannot deliver on. Furthermore, if you actually understood anything about how the university receives its ranking in various publications, you would know that student internships have nothing to do with them.

    Iggy Nava: Again, you cannot fix segregation on this campus. Furthermore, the other two ideas on your platform, environmental sustainability and scholarship in action, do not affect the average student at all. If you actually want to have any chance at winning this election, try and pick something that the average student actually has a problem with. Think about this, when the average student thinks
    to himself, “what can make Syracuse University a better place?” do you think
    any of those ideas in your platform come up? No!

    Simply put, there is no good candidate for SA this year. If any of these candidates actually cared at all about improving student life at Syracuse University they would run on a platform of issues that students actually cared about. That platform would look like this.

    -Improve student safety around the Syracuse University area

    -Improve and expand bus service both around campus and to the surrounding Syracuse area

    -Make more funding available for student groups

    See what I did there? Three issues that students actually care about.

  • For the record

    PJ Alampi was also a part of the administration that spent money on an SA formal.

    Furthermore, the money that was spent was not taken from the general pool of student funds that are used for events on this campus.

    If funding is increased for student events then the student activity fees included in tuition go up. Tell me one person who would like to see tuition raised.

    Its not like the candidates were any better last year. SMH.

  • TheTruth

    This is not a hard concept. Take the $4,000 that was used for the formal and reallocate toward student funds. That way tuition does not increase and there is more money for student groups.

  • KickingAndScreaming

    When groups on campus host events/concerts/etc, the profits from their ticket sales are deposited into their miscellaneous funds. They can do with this as they wish. SA earns their profits from their bussing programs. If they wish to use their earnings to hold a formal, it’s far from unusual and is what lots of groups on campus do. Unless you’re telling all groups on campus the earnings from their hard work should go back in the general pot, you shouldn’t be singling out SA. Is it the best investment? No, but it’s also a far cry from a tragedy.

    – former SA rep

  • TheTruth

    This is ridiculous that you guys at SA try and defend yourselves. Unlike many student groups you provide funding for, SA is a group that is supposed to be representing the entire student body and throwing a $4,000 formal for yourselves was a direct violation of Article IV of your own codes!

  • For the record

    Take it up with the Board of Elections and Membership. If I am correct, they were the ones who threw the formal to encourage participation and thank the assembly for such hard work

  • TheTruth

    ^ A very political answer putting blame on others when it is
    all of SA especially its leadership who are to blame for this mockery. Fortunately, I have better things to do with my time than go in front of SA and complain to them about how they suck. However, all students should know about who is currently representing them. You can get as many current and former SA members to reply to these posts, but it will not change the facts of what happened. The current members running for SA president clearly do not have the best interests of students in mind and some of them should clearly not be running at all.

  • TheRealDeal

    Scholarship in action? This kid is a joke. Wonder where you got that from. Nobody cares!

  • Obviousfacts

    Are you kidding? Taylor Carr was the perfect example of a qualified candidate who should be holding office. This would be a completely different election if he had one last year.

  • Obviousfacts

    This money wasn’t taken from their profits. This money was taken out of the budget that was approved by the finance board and then the assembly that was mean to be used other places. THIS is what was a violation of the codes, especially the funding of food, etc.

    -someone with a bit more knowledge than the “former SA rep”

  • Bostonway

    What! No blacks in this photo? Even though they are only about 8% of the student population, most SU and DO publications highly overkill the representation…40-50%? Hey, what do you expect from a PC and diversity crazy environment (at the expense of merit, blind admissions, and equal standards). Thank you Cantor.

  • Bostonway

    SU’s ‘different treatment based on race’ in admissions, aid, funding, departments, events, and hiring PROPAGATES resentment and segreation…ironically what many at SU are barking to get rid of! Examples? Why is SU’s budget and resources going towards the Office of Multiculism? Black Homecomings? Latino clubs? Just crazy and frankly pizzes many of us off.

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