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First Year Players: Alampi’s ‘Connecting Cuse’ platform helps well-being of students

On behalf of First Year Players, we are proud to endorse PJ Alampi for Student Association president. As one of the largest performing arts organizations on campus, FYP strives to provide first-year students and the entire student body with an opportunity to enrich their SU experience through creativity. We feel Alampi’s goals best reflect the missions of our organization and our campus.

We are proud to stand behind Alampi’s platform of “Connecting Cuse” because it stands to improve the functionality of student organizations and the well-being of students. The three pillars of his plan address the three major aspects of student life: educational opportunities, clubs and organizations, and life “off the Hill.”

His involvement in the Student Association, especially his tenure as the chairman of Student Life Committee, has given him the necessary experience to lead the Student Association and ultimately better the experience of the Syracuse University student body.

As SA president, Alampi would strive to provide greater support for registered student organizations. He plans to do this by organizing an RSO mentorship program, implementing monthly workshops and increasing assembly representation at student events. These ideas focus on one word: collaboration. Student organizations, and inherently the students within these organizations, can benefit immensely from working with other groups to improve their operations.

In addition to doing volunteer work on campus, First Year Players prides itself in getting involved off campus to benefit the community. The resources in the city have typically been untapped by a large majority of Syracuse students, despite the major opportunities they provide. Alampi will work to get the SU community engaged both on campus as well as in the greater Syracuse community.

Aside from his goals and missions as president of SA, Alampi will make an excellent president because of his love of this university. Alampi is an outstanding leader, and his passion and drive are unmatched by the other candidates. He is involved in this campus in so many ways, and his reach will allow him to improve the lives of students from all different realms of this university.

On behalf of First Year Players, our executive board and all of our active members, we would like to officially endorse Alampi for president of the Student Association 57th Session.

Andrew Brydges and Gabrielle Levinson
First Year Players 2012-13



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