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College Republicans: DeSalvo’s comptroller experience speaks for itself

As the chairman of the College Republicans, and a member of a student organization that has recently become more active on campus, it’s rare to work with a student who embodies such professionalism, leadership and transparency.

His experience speaks for itself: There are many achievements Stephen DeSalvo is responsible for as the current comptroller of the Student Association. His most recent initiative has resulted in the application process to be moved to OrgSync, a Campus Engagement Network that connects students to organizations, programs and departments on campus in a private, online community. The result has been a budget process that is much more coherent and consolidated for student organizations to use, and provides many of the tools that they need to succeed.

Another successful initiative DeSalvo is responsible for has been the creation of yourstudentfee.syr.edu, a website that makes the student activity fee allocation more transparent.

Where student government in the past may have been opaque, difficult to work with and confusing, DeSalvo has pushed for a more transparent system that makes the application process very easy for the average student. DeSalvo has set up many provisions that have influenced and will continue to influence the SU community and make for a more dynamic group of student organizations and clubs on campus.

After working with DeSalvo over the past two years, I have become aware of many of the qualities that make him a very effective comptroller. Most importantly, he gives every student organization an equal chance during the application process by exhibiting a fair, judgment-free attitude. He is well versed in the legislation and policies within Student Association, and can be a valuable resource in the application process for your student organization.

Something that is undeniable is DeSalvo’s unbridled enthusiasm toward Student Association and making it a more efficient student government.

DeSalvo has proven over the course of his term that he is the best choice for comptroller and will continue to lead the student body in a positive direction.

James Ward
The College Republicans at Syracuse University



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