Letter to the Editor

University representatives reaffirm dedication to students’ safety on campus

Given some recent news stories and editorial pieces, we are writing, on behalf of the Syracuse University administration and the Department of Public Safety, simply to reaffirm our strong commitment to student safety and security on and around our campus.

We understand that there has been concern about some recent incidents off campus, particularly on Marshall Street and in the East neighborhood. We want to let the campus community know we take these concerns seriously and that we have undertaken, and will continue to undertake, proactive steps to help foster a safe and secure environment for students and all members of the campus community.

Although DPS and the Syracuse City Police regularly patrol surrounding off-campus areas, both law enforcement agencies have recently redoubled their efforts by instituting new initiatives aimed at promoting a safe environment.

These efforts include intensive nighttime patrols by both DPS and SPD, along with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office and the Onondaga County Department of Probation. In addition, DPS has bolstered its own nighttime patrol and investigation activity, increased the capacity of its Walking Escort program and expanded its late-night safety escort shuttle (for more details visit publicsafety.syr.edu).

In addition, several weeks ago, the university created an administrative working group that is specifically focused on longer-term efforts that can support and bolster the current law enforcement efforts underway. This group includes leaders of all relevant SU divisions, including the Office of the Chancellor; DPS; Student Affairs; Business, Finance, and Administrative Services; Public Affairs; and Government and Community Relations. We will also continue to interface with Student Association representatives on this important issue to further share information and ideas.

We again want to affirm our strong commitment to safety and security at SU, and our belief that through strong partnership and collaboration among all members of the university community, we can foster a safe and supportive campus environment.



Thomas V. Wolfe

Senior Vice President and Dean of the Division of Student Affairs


Chief Anthony Callisto

Director of Public Safety



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